First International Competition Course

ICCReport by Sabum Yves Pollefeyt:

First ICC this weekend in Utrecht,
We started on Saturday with a warming up and games by Master Jerdut Jurek, second part we had some sparring excesises by Tomaz Barada were we worked on distance and defence.
The third part in the morning was Self Defence given by Master Willy Van de Mortel, we worked on stances, grabbing and short defence attacks.
After the break we started again with some nice games in group by Master Jerdut and then we had the second part of sparring with Tomaz Bardada were we combined the training of the morning.
We ended with pad training by Master Willy and we give the last big effort of the day, it was about the distance and counter attacks.
After this first day of hard work we went for the banquet to a chinese restaurant with the ICC members and participants. Continue reading First International Competition Course


10th National Instructors’ Course

logoITFBelgiumThe 10th National Instructors Course ITF-Belgium, open to the instructors black belts of the federation, was being held on June 14th in Lokeren, 10.00 – 16.00.
On the program :
In the morning session:

  • Warming-up with pads & stretching (Annick Van Driessche)
  • Tuls Chon-ji up to Choong-moo (Master Frank Vanberghen)
  • Sportspecific vs. non-sportspecific training (Annick Van Driessche)
  • After lunch break:
  • Tuls Kwang-gae to Juche (Master Frank Vanberghen)
  • Hosinsul based on the Radix program (Tom Van De Sijpe)
  • Tuls Sam-il up to Tong-il (Master Frank Vanberghen)

The next NIC will be organized in St-Lievens-Houtem September 27th.


Seminar with Marcelo Bordiez

marceloITF Brussels (Sabum Virginia Dionisi, Boosabum Gonzalo Escribano Tejerina and some of their members like e.g. Pablo Pascuzzo, Martin Behar, Benito Martinez, Daniel Kampff and others) organized a seminar in Ottignies on June 6th with Sabum Marcelo Bordiez, V°degree, one of the coaches of the national team of Argentina and Sabum Ivan Altinier, V°degree, one of the members of the technical committee of Argentina.
They were accompagnied by three juniors of the Argentinean team: Melissa Altinier, Aldana Bordiez & Leandor Soto.

For nearly 2 years ITF Brussels was trying to have a seminar with these instructors in Belgium, and now finally they succeeded. The group was on the way back from the World Championships in Italy (May 27th-31st).

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