Open Zeeuwse Championships

Sunday March 20th the Open Zeeuwse Championships were organised for the 14th time in Middelburg, The Netherlands, with 315 competitors. itf

Results members ITF-Belgium:

  • Roeland Heirbaut: gold tul junior male I°degree & silver sparring junior male -68kg
  • Leen Walraeve: gold tul senior female I°degree & silver sparring senior female -56kg
  • Margeaux Pollefeyt: gold tul & gold sparring
  • Anneleen Heirbaut: silver tul & bronze sparring
  • Matteo Preys: gold sparring
  • Noor Van Rossem: bronze sparring
  • Faith Wojsznis: bronze tul & silver sparring
  • Michiel Osteux: bronze sparring

Open Fuji Mae Barcelona Cup

cupJose Carlos Revelles, Silvina Carasi and the members of Hwarang-Do Escuela de Artes Marciales organized the Open Barcelona Cup for the 5th time, and ITF-Belgium was present on all editions. This time the federation was represented by members of Won-Hyo, ITF Brussels and Ge-Baek. On this Cup there were participants from Spain, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Ireland and France.

Emmy Baetselier won the silver medal in female sparring 12-15y coloured belts.


Pablo Pascuzzo becomes 4th degree

On Friday March 11th Pablo Pascuzzo did his grading for IV°degree. As he missed the dangradings ITF-Belgium of February, due to an injury, Master Frank Vanberghen proposed him to do the grading in Barcelona, the day before the Open Barcelona Cup. Master Vanberghen was asked to conduct the promotion of Nicolas Fagon (ITF France) to 5th degree, so it was a good opportunity to combine both gradings.

Master Vanberghen asked Pablo to perform tul (Sam-il, Yoo-sin, Choi-yong and Po-eun), sambo-ibo-ilbo matsogi, hosinsul, sparring, breaking techniques and theory.



Subscribe to the National Umpire Course


School So-San, address: Sporthal De Dageraad, Stasegemsesteenweg 21 – Harelbeke, 8530

Sunday 3th of April 2016 from 10h to 16h.


  • 10h-10.15h:   inleiding (concept + belangrijke begrippen); introduction (concept and important issues); introduction (concept + thémas importantes);
  • 10.15h-11h:   (team)tul regels overlopen en uitleggen (theorie); explaning the rules for (team)pattern; explication des règles du (team)tul;
  • 11h-11.10h:   break
  • 11.10-12.30:  oefenen tul ; practice pattern; exercices de tul
  • 12.30h-13h:   break
  • 13h-13.30h:   sparring overlopen (theorie); sparring (theory corner/center/JP); sparring (théorie) + concept of teamsparring;
  • 13.30-14.35:  oefenen sparring ; practice sparring; exercices de sparring;
  • 14.35-14.45:  break
  • 14.45-15.15:  pre-arranged free sparring (theorie); theory of pre-arranged free sparring; théorie de pre-arranged free sparring;
  • 15.15-15.45:  power en specials (procedures uitleggen); procedures of power and specials; procédures de power et specials;
  • 15.45h-16h:   afronden, vragen en certificaten uitdelen;  final questions and dividing the certificats; questions finales et distribuer les certificats

Extra information: 

10 euro per persoon; 10 euro per person; 10 euro par personne;      dobok en safety-equipment meebrengen + papier en pen; please bring dobok and safety-equipment, paper and pen with you; prend dobok et protections  + papier et stylo;                                                                  voor alle graden vanaf junioren; for all kups and degrees exept youth; pour tous les grades à partir des juniors;                                               alle disciplines komen aan bod; all disciplines will be treated; toutes les disciplines seront traitées;                                                                                       iedereen krijgt op einde van de dag een certificaat van deelname; everybody goes home with a certificate; tout le monde reçoit un certificat


Day of Taekwon-Do I 2016

dag van tkd2016The first Day of Taekwon-Do ITF-Belgium of this year was being held in Lede, sports center ‘Den Ommegang’. With 137 participants and 7 instructors this was one of the biggest editions so far. All belgian clubs were represented, as well as Taekwon-Do Norden from GD of Luxembourg and 4 members of ITF Paris (France). Amongst them also the current European Champion tul IV°-VI°degree, Sabum Lylian Doulay, who came over for the weekend as part of his preparation for the upcoming EC.

Participants were divided into groups according to their age and grade. Between 10.00 and 15.00, after the warming-up, classes were conducted in sparring, tul, hosinsul, pre-arranged sparring/stepsparring and Taekwon-Do games. Some black belts also got the opportunity to have some private tul sessions.

Afterwards all participants received a certificate.

The next Day of Taekwon-Do will be organized in Jambes, at the end of 2016.