21st International Kids Course

The weekend of May 21st-22nd Belgium was host of the 21st IKC, conducted by Master Donato Nardizzi (VIII°degree, UK), chairman of the ITF Kids Development Committee.
Master Nardizzi spent a lot of years working at the Kids Development Program, it became a very professional tool for the education of children 3-7 years old.P1020786
The venue was located in Lokeren, in the sports and youth center.
40 participants attended the IKC, from 5 different countries : Italy (2), Denmark (2), The Netherlands (5), GD Luxembourg (2) and Belgium (29 instructors and assistant-instructors). It was an honour to have Master Ernesto Santaniello amongst the participants.
During the 2 days (10 hours) Master Nardizzi introduced the participants in the different topics of the program, with some theory, but the main part of the course the participants could enjoy the practical side of the program. Although adults, the participants really enjoyed it, feeling children again. It was great having the course in the true spirit of Taekwon-Do, learning how to introduce Taekwon-Do to young children, how to educate them and giving them tools for life.
Master Nardizzi conducted the course in a very inspirational manner, and everyone had the opportunity to learn and to ask questions.
This way the instructors were teached how to teach and how to deal with certain situations.
You could really see the participants enjoyed the seminar, and the reactions during and after the course were very positive. Everyone was enthousiastic.

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