12th National Instructors Course

Sunday June 5th the 12th NIC will take place in Lokeren, from 10.00h  to appr. 16.00h. logoITFBelgium

The National Instructors Course, open to all black belt instructors ITF-Belgium, is being organized twice a year. It’s an ideal way to meet each other, train together, discuss about things,….

On the program this time : warming-up & stretching (Annick Van Driessche), tuls (Chon-ji to Choong-moo, Kwang-gae to Choi-yong & Yon-gae to Tong-il in 3 different sessions by Master Frank Vanberghen), hosinsul (Tom Van De Sijpe) and special techniques (Bob Wigman).

At the end of the seminar all participants receive a certificate, while drinks & snacks are provided by the federation.

This time we will be honoured by the presence of friends from Ireland.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and progress. Next NIC will take place in September. Keep updated through the calender on this website.


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