Seminar and gradings in Bulgaria

bulgariaMaster Frank Vanberghen and Annick Van Driessche were invited to Sofia, Bulgaria to conduct a technical seminar and dangradings for the Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do on July 2nd. The president, Vencislav Ignatov and the secretary-general, Yavor Tasev, organized this during the EC 2016. More than 70 participants from blue belt up to IV°degree were present at the seminar, which included tul, fundamental movements, theory, stepsparring and pre-arranged sparring for about 6 hours. Afterwards 8 members of BAT did grading for II° up to VI°degree. The technical level of the participants was very high, and all participants were enthousiastic. The hospitality was big, the welcome warm.

During the sightseeing in Sofia the next day Master Frank and Annick noticed that the 2017 EC in this city will be quite nice.


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