13th National Instructors Course

itf2Sunday September 4th the 13th NIC will take place in St-Lievens-Houtem (‘De Fabriek’, Fabrieksstraat 19).

On the program: tul Chon-ji up to Tong-il, mobility exercises, application of movements, etc. Instructors on this NIC: Master Frank Vanberghen (VIII°), Annick Van Driessche (VI°), Yves Pollefeyt (VI°), Tom Van De Sijpe (IV°).

The National Instructors Courses, which take place twice a year, are open to all black belt instructors ITF-Belgium.


ITF Fight Evolution Summer Camp Ukraine by Katya and Oleg Solovey

Ukranian Carpathian Mountains, near Tatariv, July 22nd-31st

Report by Alice Vrinat (ITF Brussels):

We arrived at the camp on Friday 22nd morning. The trip was by flight from Brussels to Kiev and then Kiev to Lviv on 21st July. We had to stay in Lviv one night and a student of Sabum Oleg took us from Lviv to the camp on Friday morning (4 hours road trip). Lviv is a pretty city and it was worth staying one night to walk around. naamloos

Five people from ITF-Belgium participated to this camp, Nicolas Taylor, Hortz,  Adam and Laura Nickels (Samjok-O), and me (student of ITF Brussels). All together we were around 60, mostly teenagers, and there were 9 world champions. When we arrived we had free time to settle in our rooms and then we had lunch, after which Sabum Oleg explained how the trainings were going to take place. Even though we were not supposed to have any training on Friday, he organized a little “warm up” which was great to get to know each other and everybody was keen on the idea to put on the dobok and start right away. It seemed like a very high level training camp from the beginning and I was really happy to learn and train for a week with so many skilled students.

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