Ladies Only Seminar in Ireland

The weekend of June 24th-25th Annick Van Driessche was invited by Master Terry Donnelly to conduct a seminar in Skerries, Dublin, Ireland. At first the seminar was open to all practioners, but soon the idea grew to have a ‘Ladies Only’ seminar, as some women tend to feel more comfortable to practise certain disciplines of Taekwon-Do without having male practioners around.

Over the weekend all different aspects of ITF were covered: sparring exercises and ‘sparring with a twist’, tul and tul ‘games’, strength & conditioning, balance exercises, hosinsul from a more female point of view, jumping techniques & special techniques, application of movements with also step sparring and pre-arranged free sparring and so on.

The main purpose of the seminar however was to have fun during the classes, although the girls and women worked really hard. There was lots of sweat.


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