Grading VIIĀ°degree

On December 10th in Dortmund, Germany Annick Van Driessche was promoted to Master VIIĀ°degree, under guidance of Grandmaster Kim Ung Lan and GrandMaster Rolf Becking.

The grading consisted of tul (Tong-il, So-san, Yon-gae and Eui-am), sambo, ibo & ilbo matsogi, hosinsul, sparring, 3 breaking techniques and a theoretical part (which took about 40 minutes). Annick did her grading together with Nigel Stobie (Ireland), who was also succesfully promoted to Master.



Open Challenge Cup

Jambes, Sunday December 3rd

On this second Open Challenge Cup of 2017, in the ADEPS Centre Sportif in Jambes (Namur), 12 affiliated school were present. There was competition in tul & sparring for coloured as well as black belts, youth, juniors and seniors and kids sparring for the youngest competitors (3-7).

For the first time the Sportsdata system was used.

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