First GrandMaster in Belgium

On Saturday September 29th during the World Cup in Sydney, Australia the pioneer of Belgium, Frank Vanberghen, was promoted to GrandMaster IX°degree. He is now the first and only GrandMaster in Belgium.

GM Vanberghen received his certificate on the stage during the closing ceremony from the ITF President GM Pablo Trajtenberg and the ITF Senior Vice-President GM Paul Weiler.

No need to say this is a very great honour for GM Vanberghen, but also for ITF-Belgium.


National Umpire Course at Oostakker

Today on Sunday 23rd of September another National Umpire Course was conducted by sabum Eddy Van Damme VI° degree and sabum Benito Martinez IV°  degree, hosted at sportshall “De Wolfput” in Oostakker from 10 am until 4 pm, thanks to Chon-Ji!  There were nearly 70 people who subscribed for this course, which is a record up till now! All rules were explained from individual pattern, team pattern, sparring, team sparring and pre-arranged sparring.  As there were many detailed and specialised questions asked by the ITF members, there was no time left to go into specific details about special techniques and power breaking.  It was a long day with all the theory and a lot of practice and a lot of people!  Many thanks to the ITF-B umpire committee and a special thanks for boosabum Sophie Ardenoy for the catering and the cookies! The majority of the course was conducted in Dutch due to the vast majority of Dutch speakers. Boosabum Juan Martinez translated where necessary to other languages 😉 . Please do not forget to send back your feedback forms to sabum Eddy!  Many thanks for showing up! 

Link to the hand signals and scoring procedure:


Gradings I°-III° degree

Lokeren, Sunday September 16th

Were succesfully promoted:

III° degree:

  • Esther Meulemeester (Ge-Baek)

II° degree:

  • Vladimir Kim (ITF Etterbeek)
  • Margaux Pollefeyt (So-San)

I° degree:

  • Abdulin Damir (Ge-Baek)
  • Ardenoy Sophie (Ge-Baek)
  • Creemers Ludovic (Won-hyo)
  • De Blieck Bo (Ge-Baek)
  • Martinez Juan (Samjok-O)
  • Mwamba Henri (Ge-Baek)
  • Taylor Nicolas (Samjok-O)
  • Van Lierde Tabitha (Ge-Baek)