Selected members national team WC2019

The names of the persons selected for the national team to compete at the World Championships in Inzell, Germany April 2019.


  • Margaux Pollefeyt: tul II° degree, sparring -60kg, team power breaking
  • Arthur Delhaye: tul I° degree, sparring -68kg, special techniques
  • Lisa Ghijsens: tul I° degree, sparring -55kg, team power breaking
  • Tabitha Van Lierde: tul I° degree, power breaking, team power breaking


  • Pablo Pascuzzo: sparring -57kg, team power breaking, team sparring
  • Andreea Musca: tul IV°-VI° degree, pre-arranged free sparring
  • Erik Van Hoeck: sparring -78kg, team sparring
  • Esther Meulemeester: sparring -75kg
  • Roeland Heirbaut: tul II° degree, sparring -70kg, special techniques
  • Tomàs Chacon Torrealba: tul II° degree, sparring -70kg, power breaking, team power breaking, team sparring
  • Omar El Ferkhani: sparring -63kg, team sparring
  • Laura Mouret: tul I° degree
  • Vladimir Kim: sparring -63kg
  • Anthony Raeijmaekers: tul I° degree, sparring -85kg, team power breaking
  • Leen Walraeve: tul I° degree, pre-arranged free sparring
  • Hans Van Lierde: power breaking, team power breaking
  • Terrence Bewa: sparring -78kg, team sparring
  • Patrick Crevecoeur: team sparring, team power breaking

These persons still need to confirm and accept their selection, so changes are still possible. Also small changes in disciplines and categories are still possible. Keep updated through this website!

Officials: GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen, Master Annick Van Driessche.

Coaches: Master Annick Van Driessche, Virginia Dionisi, Yves Pollefeyt, Patrick Crevecoeur, Bob Wigman, Andreea Musca, Erik Van Hoeck, Gonzalo Tejerina.

The ITF TUC still needs to confirm the applications of the umpires. Eddy Van Damme and Benito Martinez applied to be part of the umpire team on the 2019 WC.