4th ITF Fight Evolution Summer Camp

Report by Nicolas Taylor:

As every year, since the last 3 years, I went to the ITF Fight Evolution Summer Camp organized by Oleg and Katya Solovey. It took place in Yablunytsya in the Carpathians from July 22nd to July 29th. The camp is growing every year. This time, there was 122 participants from 18 countries. Among those, there were 3 Masters (Master Stephen Cooley from Ireland, Master Thierry Meyour from Finland and Master Alexandru Muresan from Romania) and more than 10 World Champions. Many participants were also part of their national teams. The level was very high.  We were divided in 3 groups : coloured belts, black belt female and black belt male. There were 3 training sessions per day :

  • 1. morning run in the mountains or crossfit (every other day)
  • 2. sparring drills with pads
  • 3. sparring (competition sparring, point fighting etc.).

In the middle of the week, we had a day off where most of the people went to Bukovel to rest. And in the last evening, we had the  ‘Sayonara party’ to celebrate the end of the camp.

Once more, I enjoyed the experience. Not only for the training but also for the great atmosphere in this camp and the opportunity to meet Taekwon-Do friends again. And it was a very good preparation for the European Championships.