Working for ITF

One of the first issues the new ITF Board had to handle after the elections of April 2019 was the establishment of the ITF Standing Committees.

In September, during the Board Meeting, GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen was appointed as chairman of the newly established Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee. After he has been composing his team, and after the approval of the Board mid October, the committee is ready to work.

The Board also approved the candidature and designation of Master Virginia Dionisi as member of the Disciplinary Committee. Also this committee is now ready to start working for the ITF members.

ITF-Belgium is well represented in the ITF, with a Board Member and 2 Committee Members along its members.


Dangradings ITF-Belgium

Lokeren, October 20th 2019

Candidates that were promoted to a higher degree:


  • Jan Lauwereins (So-San)
  • Daniel Kampff (ITF Woluwe)
  • Marnic Ketels (So-San)


  • Laura Mouret (ITF Brussels)
  • Alice Vrinat (Ge-Baek)
  • Stijn De Grande (Chon-ji)


  • Heidi Bewa (Bushido)
  • Jens Baetselier (So-San)
  • Lucas Deceuster (Bushido)
  • Robin Detry (Bushido)
  • Thibaut De Preter (ITF Ixelles)
  • Alexandre Lemaire (Samjok-O)
  • Kaloyan Hristov (Samjok-O)
  • Darline Verschaete (So-San)
  • Yang Yang (Won-hyo)

ITF Taekwon-Do European Championships

The belgian team is leaving to Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, on Tuesday October 8th. The next day all teams have the weigh-in & accreditation, followed by the coach meeting and the umpire meeting. The competition is starting on Thusday October 10th with the official opening ceremony. In the morning already some belgian competitors have to show up in the ring: Arthur and Tabitha for tul I°degree, Roeland for tul II°degree and pre-arranged free sparring for Andreea & Leen. In the afternoon Roeland already has to present himself for special techniques, Leen and Laura both have their performances in tul I°degree and Andreea will compete in tul IV°-VI° degree.

Friday October 11th, in the afternoon: sparring -68kg, with Arthur and power breaking with Esther, while in the evening there’s the AETF Congress Meeting.

Saturday October 12th is a busy day: in the morning Belgium has power breaking with Tabitha, while Roeland is competing in sparring -70kg and Erik & Terence have sparring -78kg. In the afternoon: sparring -50kg with Andreea, sparring -85kg with Nicolas and Corentin, sparring -68kg with Laura and sparring -75kg with Esther. On Sunday October 13th the team events are going on. ITF-Belgium has a female senior team for power breaking (Andreea, Esther, Laura, Leen) and a male senior team for sparring (Erik, Roeland, Terence, Corentin, Nicolas).

We’re wishing all the competitors, but also the coaches, umpires (Eddy, Benito) and officials (GrandMaster Frank, Master Annick) the best of luck. Unfortunately Lisa and Hans injured themselves, but they will still accompagny the team (as coach resp. supporter), we’re happy they will join anyway and be of big help for their team mates. Many thanks also to the 7 supporters, they will be a big mental support to the belgian team.

Keep updated through this website, the Facebook page, Sportsdata (for all draws, results and the schedule).

Many thanks to the sponsors Mighty Fist and FROS. #mightyfist #mightyfisteurope #brandofchampions #fros