Keep up the good work

Dear members ITF-Belgium,

Week 4 of the restrictions and measures in the battle against Covid-19. I hope all of you are still in good health. For many of us the situation is getting hard: no school, no work or having to do telework, no contact with family, friends, relatives, colleagues, no classes, no visits to restaurants, no travels etc.

But we really need to keep up the good work a bit longer! We’re on the right track thanks to all of us, all of our hard work, but we need to keep this pace to win the battle against the virus. Luckily as Taekwon-Do practitioners we have enough perseverance to do this, even if things are getting rough and hard.

Some can get a bit annoyed, having to stay at home, between the walls of our houses. We’d like to ‘break out’….and then we can rely on our selfcontrol.

Let’s just do this, all together, to be able to meet again soon, to be able to reopen the dojangs and do what we like most: Taekwon-Do, to be able to restart classes.

Try to find something positive in this whole situation, try to find something beautiful each day: the solidarity amongst persons, the creativity coming along, the sun who’s shining, the full moon at night, the birds singing the whole day, the smog that seemed to have dissappeared, the flowers in all colours, the air that seems to be much fresher these days, the time we received to take a break etc. I believe all of you, all of us, can find something positive in this whole situation, even if it’s only one thing.

So: keep on doing what you’re doing. Stay in contact with each other, with us, through other channels.

Keep safe and healthy, keep strong, take care of yourself and the others (your family and beloved ones in the first place), stay at home and keep on moving,

Master Annick