ITF World ETournament

In few days, the ITF World ETournament will start (October 4th-22nd). It will be a nice alternative to all the 2020 championships that had to be postponed or cancelled.

ITF-Belgium will be represented by 18 competitors, in tul & pre-arranged free sparring, some coaches and officials from 6 different affiliated schools: Samjok-O, ITF Brussels, Hwarang, Hodori, Ge-Baek and Taekwon-Do Club Gent. Also 5 members did their application to be umpire on the event, we’re still waiting on feedback on their selection.

Good luck to all members involved in the event!


National INstructors Course

Lokeren, September 13th 2020

Finally, after two NIC’s via Zoom this year, there will be a National Instructors Course in the dojang on Sunday September 13th, under guidance of GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen. The NIC is open to black belts only, instructors & asssistant-instructors in one of the ITF-Belgium affiliated clubs.