ITF-Belgium Zoom Christmas Seminars

Sunday, December 20th 2020

One of the last ITF-Belgium activitities of 2020 were the 2 online Christmas Seminars, one open to all practitioners, regardless of grade and the second one open to black belt members only.

The first seminar, 15.00-16.00, was conducted by Andreea Musca, European Champion and assistant national coach tul & pre-arranged sparring. Besides members of ITF-Belgium we even had the honour to have a participant from Argentina amongst us.

The second part, 16.15-18.15, consisted of 3 blocks: mobility exercises by Nico Tunyck, a theoretical session about mental well-being by Kevin Vlaeminck and tul Kwang-gae by GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen & Master Annick Van Driessche. Afterwards there was some time to have a chat, to have a discussion, a moment for Q&A and some reflections of the past year.

Now we still have a last activity on Sunday December 27th, an online Do-seminar with Master Andreu Martinez, member of the ITF Do & Ethics Committee.