e-Martial Arts Games ITF Taekwon-Do

October 22nd-November 2nd 2021

At this online championship in tul, competitors from 3 clubs ITF-Belgium Participated with white, coloured and black belts: Taekwon-Do Club Gent, Red Force and Ge-Baek. Congratulations to all participants for the high level performances and the good spirit, regardless of the results, and congratulations to their instructors.


  • Otis Moerman: 1st place
  • Frances Van den Bogaert: 1st place
  • Strahinja Rebic: 1st place
  • Khuslen Chingesdalai: 1st place
  • Rune Schuddinck: 2nd place
  • Jan Hebberecht: 2nd place
  • Maëlla Diaz Honore: 2nd place
  • Alyssa Mbala: 2nd place
  • Pjotr Tchekouteff: 3rd place
  • Aymara Pena Pena: 3rd place
  • Louis Vincent: 3rd place
  • Hyusmen Mehmedov: 3rd place
  • Mango Maguy: 3rd place
  • Feriel Teskrat: 3rd place
  • Nelson Van den Bogaert: 3rd place
  • Roudayna Mejri: 3rd place
  • Lara Capa: 3rd place
  • Brian Fontaine: 3rd place
  • Yacine Benzaaza: 3rd place
  • Jesse Deschryver: 3rd place
  • Jan Menschaert: 3rd place