National Umpire Course for beginners

On Sunday 15 May Hodori hosted the National Umpire Course for ITF Belgium.

About 20 participants were present.

On the programme were the new ITF competition rules that will come into effect in July 2022.

The course was given by master Eddy Van Damme, chairman of the TUIC and boosabum Sophie Ardenoy.

First the setting up of a ring was practised + a small quiz.

After that the basic rules were gone over with the focus on techniques, stances, sinewave, power, breathing for tul and teamtul.

Then practice was done for corner referees and jury members for this part.

The same pattern was maintained after the break for sparring.

The course ended at 12.30 pm.

The certificates will be delivered by mail to the individual participants or through their school owners.

Nice delegation from Chon-Ji!