Meeting of the TUIC

Report by Benito Martinez:

First Tournament, Umpire and IT-Committee (TUIC-)meeting in 2022

On Sunday, August 28th, the TUIC of ITF-Belgium hold its first presential meeting after the long period of Covid, in the meeting room of the sports hall in Ottignies. The chairman Master Eddy Van Damme led the discussions in which also participated Boosabum Sophie Ardenoy, Boosabum Julien Goulard, Boosabum Gabriel Garay and Sabum Benito Martinez.
Gabriel Garay was welcomed as a new member of the TUIC. The agenda turned around actual situation and prognoses about electronical rings, materials from Germany, IT-education and Sportdata, the participation of Sophie as Computer Operator for World Cup in October, the TUIC’s financial status, the evaluation of the National Umpire Courses and modalities for the future and the preparation of the Belgian Championships in Jambes.

This was a very productive meeting held in a good ambiance and spirit to go forward in the professionalization and quality of the umpiring and tournament organization in Belgium. The morning ended by sharing a very nice Korean food.