Meeting Inclusion Committee

Report by Benito Martinez:

On Monday February 20, the Inclusion Commitee of ITF Belgium held an online meeting in order to discuss some basic ideas about the work in Adapted Taekwon-Do for the months or years to come. Sabum Benito Martinez, Chairman; Boosabum Alice Vrinat and Ms Melanie Mahy, members hold a very constructive and positive conversation by sharing preocupations and experiences of the work with persons with special needs, ; the internal language or lexicon in this delicate matters and trying to have a view of the challenges the commitee will have to face in the future.

The comitee agrees to keep open minded and available for all the instructors and clubs who need advice or help facing the different caracteristics of the potential members with neurological or psychological conditions who need specific attention. Some proposals in practical issues will be adressed to the board of our national federation in order to achieve a sensibilization and better knowledge of the adapted Taekwon-Do in our instructors and clubs. The commitee will work in technical and pedagogical tools for the support of those schools who could need it.