European Championships 2023

April 26th 2023

On this first competition day 4 belgian competitors had to perform.

Andreea Musca started in the category tul female 4-6 degree in a pre-round against Italy. Although Andreea performed very well, the Italian competitor was just a bit better. She became Europen Champion later that day. Wim Vermeir competed in the category tul male 4-6 degree. He was up against Scotland and although everyone was convinced he won that bout, the umpires decided otherwise. Also Wim’s adversaire won bronze in that category.

The same happened with Tomas Chacon Torrealba in tul male 2 degree, his Italian adversaire won the bout although he performed very well. Rune Schuddinck was the last belgian competitor on this Wednesday morning. He won the first bout in tul male 1 degree against Moldova, but had to admit his Norvegian adversaire in the second bout, a former European champion, was better.

In the afternoon Andreea and Tomas performed in pre-arranged free sparring. They were up against Sweden. At first the referees decided on a draw, after the second performance Belgium lost the bout….. although like in the morning all were convinced it was a win.

Not a succesful or happy day for Belgium, but more is to come in the next days.