Hosinsul Beach training

Ostend, Saturday June 29th 2024 – Report by Nico Tunyck, chair of the ITF-Belgium Hosinsul Committee

On July 29 it was the fourth beach training in a row organized by the hosinsul committee. For the first time the weather gods were so kind to us. A beautiful sun was shining over Ostend beach and the temperature was perfect.

Upon arrival of members of 4 clubs, we could start with our theme: resisting 2 opponents. After the well-deserved break, a team-building game was played, typical for the sea: digging a hole in the sand and fetching buckets of water :-).

Afterwards we could talk about bringing our opponent to the ground in the loose sand, and of course in the water… After the lesson, there was a pleasant chat and discussion in the beach bar…

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Sabum Nico Tunyck