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3rd Open Asian Cup

New Delhi, India – May 31st-June 2nd 2019

Report by Yves Pollefeyt:

On Wednesday we helped the organisation putting on the tatamis in the sports hall and preparing everything. On Thursday we gave a seminar together with GM Bos, Master Wallace and Master Vones, Sabum Johan De Silva and Sabum Aniil. After the seminar we had the registration and weight in.

On Friday the competition started with over 300 competitors; we had participants from India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Madagascar. It was the first time with the electronic system so a lot of people needed to be educated and informed about it. After everything was ready the competition started. Sabum Wim Vermandere was center referee and I was the Jury President. Also for us it was a great experience and we were happy to be able to represent Belgium to help. ITF Taekwon-Do in India is growing in a good way and they are planning to come also to the next World Cup so will be great to see them again.



New Master in Belgium

During the Open Ghent Cup on Sunday June 2nd 2019 GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen (Belgium) and GrandMaster Brendan O’Toole (Ireland) conducted a Master promotion.

Virginia Dionisi was promoted to Master VII°degree. The grading consisted of tul, step sparring, hosinsul, sparring, breaking techniques and theory.



Open Ghent Cup 2019

Edugo Arena, Oostakker, Sunday June 2nd

With 250 competitors from Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands, GD Luxembourg and England, 50 umpires, 40 volunteers. Competition in tul, sparring and special techniques for coloured and black belts, kids, youth, juniors and seniors in an organization of Taekwon-Do School Chon-ji, Nico Van Linter and Nico Tunyck in cooperation with the ITF-Belgium U&T Comittee.

The championship was honoured with the presence of 2 GrandMasters, GM Brendan O’Toole (Ireland) and GM Frank Vanberghen (Belgium) and Master Val Douglas (Ireland), Master Nigel Stobie (Ireland) and Master Annick Van Driessche (Belgium).

The organization was very good, with eye for detail, the level of the competition was high, the atmosphere amicable.

All results can be found on the Sportsdata website: click here.

See all of you back on the 2020 edition!


Seminar Mark Trotter in Ukraine

Report by Nicolas Taylor

On May 4th was held in Kiev (Ukraine), a seminar given by Mark Trotter, multiple World Champion in tul from New Zealand. It was opened to colored belts and black belt. It consisted in 3 sessions of 2 hours with breaks. Around 80 athletes from all around Ukraine and Belgium (myself) participated. It was a technical seminar and Mark Trotter demonstrated an incredible level of technique. He gave various exercices and non conventional approache to improve the way we are performing tuls. We all learned a lot of «tricks» and tips. There was a very friendly atmosphere during all the training.

After the seminar, I stayed in Ukraine for a few more days and joined the city of Ivano-Frankosk where I had the opportunity to train in the Dojang of Sabum Oleg and Sabum Katya Solovey.