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Extra measures for sports

Extra measures where taken, in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, also concerning sportclubs and sports facilitities.

There are some slight differences between the regions, as e.g. in the Brussels region all sport facilities are closed, while in Wallonie and Flanders indoor sport is still possible for children up to 12.

Contact your instructor to hear more about the measures and possibilities in your dojang.


Taekwon-Do in times of Covid-19

As from October 26th on, there are a lot of differences between the regions of Belgium. In some regions, indoor classes can still take place without contact and with respect for distance for +12, with contact for -12. In the Brussels region, sport facilitites will be closed, while in other regions youth -12 can still take part in classes, while facilitites are closed for +12. Also the local authoritities can take their proper measures. Please take a look at the measures for your region and city.

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep faith!


Dan gradings ITF-Belgium

Lokeren, October 25th 2020

The level of the dan gradings was very high, so we’re proud to announce the new degrees of the candidates:

  • III°degree: Serkan Hasan (Ge-Baek)
  • II°degree: Damir Abdulin (Ge-Baek), Henri Mwamba (Ge-Baek), Matteo Preys (So-San), Tabitha Van Lierde (Ge-Baek)
  • I°degree: Stiene Bunneghem (Hodori), Sienna Hendrickx (Hodori), Nikki Longeval (Hodori), Morgane Pollefeyt (So-San), Xena Van Asselt (Hodori)

ITF World eTournament

October 3rd-18th 2020

As an alternative to the cancelled or postponed championships this year, the ITF Tournament & Umpire Committee organized an online, digital championship in tul and pre-arranged free sparring, with about 840 participants from all over the world.

Amongst them 18 members ITF-Belgium subscribed. Out of 5 candidates 2 belgian umpires were selected.

It was quite exciting to follow the tournament and for the competitors and coaches it was a great way of competiting, having the time to analyze the patterns, waiting in suspense for the results. All belgian competitors did a great job, had a high level with some of them just missing a medal. But all of them showed the right spirit and a lot of progression was noticeble over the last period.

In tul female 18-35 IV°-VI° degree, Andreea Musca got the bronze medal, while Andreea and Leen Walraeve won the silver medal in female pre-arranged sparring 18-35 I°-VI° degree. Congratulations!