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Day of Taekwon-Do I 2016

dag van tkd2016The first Day of Taekwon-Do ITF-Belgium of this year was being held in Lede, sports center ‘Den Ommegang’. With 137 participants and 7 instructors this was one of the biggest editions so far. All belgian clubs were represented, as well as Taekwon-Do Norden from GD of Luxembourg and 4 members of ITF Paris (France). Amongst them also the current European Champion tul IV°-VI°degree, Sabum Lylian Doulay, who came over for the weekend as part of his preparation for the upcoming EC.

Participants were divided into groups according to their age and grade. Between 10.00 and 15.00, after the warming-up, classes were conducted in sparring, tul, hosinsul, pre-arranged sparring/stepsparring and Taekwon-Do games. Some black belts also got the opportunity to have some private tul sessions.

Afterwards all participants received a certificate.

The next Day of Taekwon-Do will be organized in Jambes, at the end of 2016.


26th Belgian Championships

The 2016 Belgian Championships were organized in Harelbeke, Sporthal de Dageraad, on Sunday February 21st 2016, by So-San in cooperation with the ITF-Belgium Umpire- and Tournament Committee. About 140 competitors, youth , junior & senior, coloured as well as black belts, competed in tul, teamtul, pre-arranged sparring, sparring, specials and power breaking. The level was high, the atmosphere was good.

About 25 umpires worked hard to make the decisions fair, and together with all the coaches they succeeded in having a tournament with very good vibes.

The results will be published asap on this website, so stay tuned. logoITFBelgium


National team 2016

Saturday February 20th the national coaches announced the selection for the 2016 European Championships, in Tampere-Finland in April.

  • Andreea Musca : tul female senior III°degree & sparring female senior -50kg
  • Leen Walraeve : tul female senior I°degree & sparring female senior -56kg
  • Roeland Heirbaut : tul male junior I°degree & sparring male junior -68kg

Yves Pollefeyt and Bob Wigman will be the belgian coaches.

Annick Van Driessche and Eddy Van Damme were selected by the T&U committee of the AETF as umpires.

Master Frank Vanberghen and Annick Van Driessche will represent ITF-Belgium at the Congress Meeting.



Open INTA Irish Championships

inta_logo150The INTA organized their open championships for the 17th time already, on February 6th and 7th. Place to be: the National Basketball Arena in Dublin. With nearly 600 participants this was one of the biggest editions ever. There was representation from Ireland, Belgium, Scotland, England, Norway and Germany.

Highlights of the weekend.

Results ITF-Belgium:

  • Annick Van Driessche: gold tul IV°-VI°degree & gold sparring female black belts 40+
  • Tabitha Van Lierde: gold tul female blue belts 12-15 years
  • Lisa Ghijsens: bronze tul blue belts female 12-15 years & bronze sparring female blue belts 11-13 years