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First ITF Online Technical Committee

December 11th-13th 2020

As this year all International Instructors Courses had to be cancelled or postponed, the ITF Technical Committee decided to organize a digital version, the first ITF Online Technical Seminar, conducted by all members of the Technical Committee and with the attendance of 1000 members, I° degree and up. Also a lot of GrandMasters, Masters and ITF Board Members did subscribe.

Amongst the participants also 21 members ITF-Belgium are taking part at this historical event.


National INstructors Course

Lokeren, September 13th 2020

Finally, after two NIC’s via Zoom this year, there will be a National Instructors Course in the dojang on Sunday September 13th, under guidance of GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen. The NIC is open to black belts only, instructors & asssistant-instructors in one of the ITF-Belgium affiliated clubs.


2nd Super Class via Zoom

The 2nd Super Class, hosted by the ITF Women’s Committee, was a succes, just as the 1st one some weeks ago. On this session, 2 of the instructors were belgian masters, Master Virginia Dionisi and Master Annick Van Driessche. Together with Sabum Julia Cross (Schotland) and the chairperson and members of the Women’s Committee, in presence of GrandMaster Weiler, GrandMaster Marano and Sabum Oros Duek and with a lot of members ITF-Belgium and practitioners from all over the world it was a great session.


National Instructors Course via Zoom

The yearly NIC for instructors and assistant-instructors had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, but as alternative on May 21st ITF-Belgium hosted a Zoom version of the seminar. The concept was a little different: the seminar was a bit shorter (2 hours instead of 3), and zoomed in on details. In the first part the topic was Hwarang tul, with some of the techniques explained and practised into detail before practising the tul in general and handling questions concerning the pattern. In the second part there was time for other questions concerning technical Taekwon-Do issues.

As the NIC is always a moment to be together amongst instructors, the group also took some time to listen to the concerns and the general feeling during these strange times.

The feedback was very positive, and the suggestion was done to hold more of these Zoom sessions for instructors, and to get into detail of only one or two patterns, even when the virus has left. So for sure we’ll take a look at this possibility.

It was absolutely nice to see the motivation and enthusiasm of the participating instructors, training hard in their garden, garage, living room or kitchen!


Online Zoom classes

During this Covid-19 pandemic a lot of instructors are searching their way through online classes, with Facetime, Skype, Zoom or other means. Also Master Virginia (ITF Brussels) stays busy. She wrote this report:

Saturday 18 April, 2020 – virtual Masterclass

In times of the pandemic that we need to train at home, people are finding different ways to get closer. I was invited to conduct a virtual Masterclass via Zoom by  the school Centro de Entrenamiento  from Misiones (Argentina), lead by Sabum Agustina Correa and Sabum Mauricio Rodriguez (both V° degree). Between the participants there were children and adults from 10° kup till VII° degree, mainly from different locations in Misiones and some participants from Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic and the USA. It was nice to see on the screen complete families taking part! The class was conducted in Spanish language.

It was a great experience and we could feel the good vibes online of the more than 80 Taekwon-Do practitioners that participated. The class consisted of warming up/conditioning, fundamental movements/kicks in patterns, sparring drills and stretching. After the class participants received a certificate of attendance.

Many thanks to the organizers for the invitation! It was very emotional, challenging and fun!

Yours in Taekwon-Do,

Master Virginia Dionisi – ITF Brussels