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European Championships 2022: Andreea Musca on the podium

On the first day of the EC in Croatia, Andreea Musca won the bronze medal in pattern female senior IV°-VI° degree. Andree won the first bout against Switzerland and was up against multiple champion Sylvia Farigu in the semi-final. Her performance was excellent, both competitors were on the same level, this was worth a final. A well-deserved medal for Andreea after many years of hard work and dedication!


European Championships 2022: schedule

Croatia, April 26th-May 1st

The schedule and the draws for the 2022 EC are published. For all information: see Sportsdata.

Follow the Belgian team here, or through our Facebook and Instagram pages. Mark the following moments in your agenda and keep the thumbs up for our athletes:

  • Wednesday April 27th, AM Weigh-in – 18.00 Opening Ceremony
  • Thursday April 28th, patterns, ring 1, 11.16 Andreea Musca – ring 1, 14.17 Juan Martinez, ring 4, 14.17 Rune Schuddinck
  • Friday April 29th, sparring, ring 2, 9.00 Matteo Preys – power breaking, ring 5, 13.40 Juan Martinez – the AETF Congress meeting starts at 19.00
  • Saturday April 30th, power breaking, ring 5, 13.45 Esther Meulemeester – sparring, ring 2, 9.00 Andreea Musca – ring 2, 14.00 Omar el Ferkhani & Vladimir Kim – ring 1, 14.00, Rune Schuddinck – ring 3, 15.19 Jérémie Bewa 
  • Sunday May 1st, team sparring, ring 3, 10.47

European Championships 2022

After the announcement of the selection for the 2022 EC in Croatia, April 26th-May 1st, the confirmation by the competitors and the last details concerning the delegation, we are proud to announce that ITF-Belgium will be represented by:


  • Andreea Musca: female tul IV°-VI° degree and female sparring -50kg
  • Erik Van Hoeck: male team sparring
  • Esther Meulemeester: female power breaking
  • Jérémie Bewa: male sparring -85kg and male team sparring
  • Vladimir Kim: male sparring -63kg and male team sparring
  • Omar El Ferkhani: male sparring -63kg and male team sparring
  • Nicolas Taylor: male team sparring
  • Juan Martinez: male tul I° degree and male power breaking
  • Rune Schuddinck: male tul I° degree and male sparring -70kg
  • Matteo Preys: junior male sparring -56kg


  • Nicolas Taylor
  • Erik Van Hoeck
  • Andreea Musca


  • GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen
  • Master Annick Van Driessche
  • Master Virginia Dionisi

Alongside the belgian team 3 supporters will travel to Pula, Croatia: Rita Vermeulen, Dirk Mertens and Dieter Preys.

Follow the national team on the website and via social media!


European Championships 2022

The 2022 European Championships will take place in Pula, Croatia, April 26th-May 1st.

The national coaches announced the selection for the belgian team:

In tul:

  • Rune Schuddinck, junior I°degree
  • Juan Martinez, senior I°degree
  • Andreea Musca, senior IV°-VI° degree

In power breaking:

  • Esther Meulemeester, female senior
  • Juan Martinez, male senior

In sparring:

  • Andreea Musca, senior -50kg
  • Matteo Preys, junior -56kg
  • Rune schuddinck, junior -68kg
  • Rahim Ghafori, junior -56kg
  • Omar El Ferkhani, senior -63kg
  • Vladimir Kim, senior -63kg
  • Jérémie Bewa, senior -85kg

European Championships 2021

La Nucia, Spain November 23rd-27th

After the cancellation of the EC 2020 the 2021 edition was postponed from April to November. Thanks to a lot of measures and precautions AETF and FEST were able to organize this year’s competition: from face masks for everyone in the hall over testing upon arrival to the exclusion of spectators… it was a bit different, but all delegations were happy there was an EC this year.

After 21 months of pandemic, the difference between countries that had faced a lockdown and severe measures and the countries that did’t have any lockdown was visible, not as such on the physical, but especially on the mental side. Also in the belgian team. Although the competitors and coaches gave all they have and performed well, there was a bit of hesitation. So no medals this year, but this doesn’t mean there’s no result. The next EC is in 6 months, in April 2022, and this year’s EC was a necessary step to take in the preparation for next year. This was only the 2nd competition in 21 months, after a preparation meanly through digital platforms.

To be short: the athletes and coaches can be proud of how they performed and put the focus now on 2022!