ITF Congress Meeting

Sunday April 16th GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen and Master Annick Van Driessche attended the ITF Congress Meeting, which was held online with 90 participants from 40 countries. Most of the items were formalities, as in September during the World Championships there will be a Congress Meeting ‘in live’.

Online Board Meeting

Tuesday, March 14th 2023

During an online meeting the board members ITF-Vlaanderen eV vzw discussed some of the topics and feedback of the instructors & members that came forward at the General Assembly (January 2023) and in the survey that was launched by the end of 2022: e.g. the mission/vision of the federation, the policy and goals (short as well as long term), the organization chart (board as well as committees), the launch of the new website ITF-Belgium, the state of play of some of the devices that were bought (e.g. the electronic system, the new special technics device, a new power breaking device and the upcoming events. There was also a small evaluation of the Belgian Championships of last weekend.

In the upcoming days and weeks the board members will work on some of these topics, and plan a new meeting shortly.

General Assembly ITF-Belgium and ITF-Vlaanderen vzw

On Sunday January 29th, after 2 online sessions, the federation held its General Assembly 2023 in Lokeren. It was a constructive meeting with reports 2022, the plans for 2023 and lots of suggestions, ideas and discussions. Also the survey for instructors, held at the end of 2022, was analyzed and discussed.

TUIC Meeting

Lede, Sunday January 15th – Report by Benito Martinez:

The Tournament, Umpire and IT-Committee held an extraordinary meeting on Sunday January 15, as a result of a decision taken in the last ordinary meeting.

The TUIC is working in the dynamics of motivation and promotion of umpiring in Belgium, as an important discipline in Taekwon-Do, which contributes to improving the quality of the competition and the classes in general, and the knowledge of Taekwon-Do rules in particular. How to have more and better trained umpires, how to get the support of the school owners and instructors in the promotion of umpiring inside the clubs, how to adapt the international competition rules to our national competitions, and make it more clear for all. Also how to work in a more professional way with higher standards and improving of the NUC’s with more practice, evaluation and categories for umpires, and many more important issues.

The TUIC is building a project to the middle and long term education, training and motivation of new umpires; we want this discipline to become more attractive to all, and to help reaching a higher level in the Belgian Taekwon-Do.