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Restrictions due to the outbreak of Covid-19

Due to the restrictions taken by the government, and because of the fact we need to think about the persons in our environment with a decreased immunity (e.g. the elderly and persons with certain kinds of illness), most activitities ITF-Belgium will be cancelled or postponed. Members will be kept updated through this website, social media and e-mail. We hope to be able to restart our normal activitites very soon.

Meanwhile we wish all members and their families the best during these confusing times. Stay safe and take care of your beloved ones, and don’t forget to keep the precautions in mind!

Some tips on how to stay active in a healthy way.


International Women’s Day

March 8th is the yearly International Women’s Day. The first edition was already in 1908, but still today it’s a sign of solidarity between women worldwide and very needed in the fight for equal rights and to raise awareness of the daily struggle.

Also the ITF is working hard for equal rights. Since April 2019 the ITF Board of Directors has 2 women amongst their members, while the different standing committees have several female members. ITF also recently established a Women Committee. The Women Committee would like to draw the attention on March 8th, e.g. through social media and the ITF website.


Logo contest 30 th anniversary ITF-Belgium

In 2020 ITF-Belgium is celebratings its 30th anniversary.

In a logo contest the members could create a logo that will be used during this special year. Today we can announce the winner, with 9 points: Tabitha Van Lierde. Her reward: a Mighty Fist Matrix dobok.

The first 3 logo’s ended very closely, with 8 points (Jef Gerits) and 7 points (Helmut Claus) being on the heels of the winner.

Many thanks to all participants for being so creative and sending in their logo.