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Disciplinary rules and confidential advisers

The congress voted for a change in the disciplinary rules, with the implementation of an extra article on (sexual) harrasment. The disciplinary committee worked on this item last summer, the congress confirmed the need for this adapation as within ITF-Belgium this kind of behaviour is not accepted.

The update of the disciplinary rules can be found under ‘Documents’, for now only in Dutch, the version in French will be published as soon as the translation has been completed.

ITF-Belgium also decided to appoint 3 confidential advisers, persons with whom members (or their parents) can take contact in case of a problem. Their contact details: click here.



ITF-Belgium strongly disapproves all kinds of unappropriate (sexual) behaviour and abuses, especially by instructors, coaches or others in a dominant position.

We will not hesitate to take measures against any of our members that abuses, mentally or phsysically, another person within a Taekwon-Do relationship,  supported by the DO, the disciplinary committee and the disciplinary rules.

Some years ago already the federation signed the ‘Panathlonverklaring’ (see links) and the FROS code of ethics. Today we are still supporting these declarations.

(Sexual) harassment is, just as bullying, not something we want for our members in a martial arts/sports environment, or in life in general.

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of the board members in case you have a problem, or see the linkpage for contact details of ‘CAW Slachtofferhulp’.