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Seminar and gradings in Bulgaria

bulgariaMaster Frank Vanberghen and Annick Van Driessche were invited to Sofia, Bulgaria to conduct a technical seminar and dangradings for the Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do on July 2nd. The president, Vencislav Ignatov and the secretary-general, Yavor Tasev, organized this during the EC 2016. More than 70 participants from blue belt up to IV°degree were present at the seminar, which included tul, fundamental movements, theory, stepsparring and pre-arranged sparring for about 6 hours. Afterwards 8 members of BAT did grading for II° up to VI°degree. The technical level of the participants was very high, and all participants were enthousiastic. The hospitality was big, the welcome warm.

During the sightseeing in Sofia the next day Master Frank and Annick noticed that the 2017 EC in this city will be quite nice.


1st ITF Harmony Course

There was already a special ITF Taekwon-Do program for children 4-7 years old, the Kids Course. Since now ITF also has a program for senior practitioners (over 50), the ITF Harmony Course.


The course was introduced in Israel, Zichron Ya’akov on Friday January 29th by GrandMaster Pablo Trajtenberg (Argentina), 9th degree, ITF President. The 1st ITF Harmony Course was attended by several Masters, black belts and coloured belts from e.g. Norway, Poland, Belgium, France, Russia, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Italy, Israel. Master Frank Vanberghen & Annick Van Driessche represented ITF-Belgium during the four days in Israel. Besides the course there was time for several talks, meetings and a visit to Jerusalem.


Polish Summer Camp

The 20th Central Summer Training Camp 2015 Taekwon-Do, Biala Podlaska, Poland

3rd – 12th July 2015

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We arrived there on Friday evening and my first impression was it will be a relaxed time spent with very friendly people. Indeed very quickly it was clear it is friendly and professional but we were supposed to have 10 days of truly intense and challenging Taekwon-Do training with a very strict agenda.

The camp took place at the sport facilities of the Faculty of Physical Education in Biala Podlaska. The area is huge and offers several halls and gyms, a swimming pool, running track, a stadium with different courts for football, volleyball, tennis, etc. and a canteen. We were accommodated in students’ apartments on site. The rooms were nicely decorated and cosy, simply and lacking nothing. All together a great place for sports fun! Continue reading Polish Summer Camp


Seminar with GM Lan in Luxembourg

gmlanTaekwon-Do Norden and ITF-Luxembourg (Sabum Hardy Viktor and his students) organized a seminar with GrandMaster Lan Ung Kim in Troisvierges on Saturday July 4th. The seminar was open to red and black belts.
There were participants from GD Luxembourg, Belgium (Won-Hyo, Hodori, Ge-Baek, ITF Brussels, ITF Woluwe, Samjok-O), The Netherlands, Germany and England. Amongst them also 2 Masters : Master Frank Vanberghen (VIII°), Belgium and Master Stefan Schmitz (VII°) from Germany.
GM Lan conducted classes in fundamental movements, tul and hosinsul, and for sure his stories were very entertaining.


First International Competition Course

ICCReport by Sabum Yves Pollefeyt:

First ICC this weekend in Utrecht,
We started on Saturday with a warming up and games by Master Jerdut Jurek, second part we had some sparring excesises by Tomaz Barada were we worked on distance and defence.
The third part in the morning was Self Defence given by Master Willy Van de Mortel, we worked on stances, grabbing and short defence attacks.
After the break we started again with some nice games in group by Master Jerdut and then we had the second part of sparring with Tomaz Bardada were we combined the training of the morning.
We ended with pad training by Master Willy and we give the last big effort of the day, it was about the distance and counter attacks.
After this first day of hard work we went for the banquet to a chinese restaurant with the ICC members and participants. Continue reading First International Competition Course