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Online training sessions national team

In the beginning of the year, Sunday November 29th was fixed as date for the Open Challenge Cup in Jambes. The national coaches would take this opportunity for their final decisions towards the selection of the national team 2021. During summertime the decision had to be taken to cancell this years Challenge Cup, due to the pandemic. So the coaches decided to organize a trial competition that same day, only open to candidates for the upcoming EC. However, the second wave of Covid-19 and the second lockdown decided otherwise.

However, the national coaches (Master Virginia Dionisi, Andreea Musca, Erik Van Hoeck, Hans Van Lierde and Nicolas Taylor) came up with an alternative. Sunday November 29th the candidates for the team were offered 3 Zoom sessions, in tul, sparring and power breaking. Many thanks for these sessions!


ITF-Belgium online Christmas seminars

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First part, 15.00-16.00, open to all members ITF-Belgium: classes conducted by Sb. Andreea Musca, with in the end Q&A (Master Annick Van Driessche).

Second part, open to black belts only, 16.15-18.15: mobility exercises (Nico Tunyck), session about mental health (Kevin Vlaeminck), tul Kwang-gae and Q&A (grandMaster Frank Vanberghen and Master Annick Van Driessche) and an informal chat/Christmas drink.


Online trainingsession by Andreea Musca

Saturday, October 31st

Andreea Musca, assistant-coach tul & pre-arranged free sparring of the Belgian national team, conducted an online seminar for the candidates for the national team, and all members who wanted to take this opportunity to train with Sabum Andreea. There were participants from different clubs present. Subject of the training session: improvement of kicks in patterns.

Congratulations to all the members that were present !


Day of Taekwon-Do & Kids Day

Sunday, October 11th 2020

The Day of Taekwon-Do & Kids Day of October 11th 2020 will be able to go on…. the edition of May 2020 had to be organized online, through Zoom, but the autumn-edition will be ‘in live’, in the venue at Jambes. Of course this can only been done with attention to the measures and with precautions: e.g. only participants and instructors will be admitted to the hall, there will be no possibility to have a shower, face masks will be common etc.

However… it will be a great feeling as most of the activitities, with few exceptions in the last weeks, had to be cancelled, postponed or organized online (Zoom and other means) as from mid March on.

Not only is it good news the seminar will be organized, it will also be in a totally new formula…. upon subscription the participants had to choose for 3 different workshops out of 13, spread over 3 sessions, besides 2 general training sessions. Also the kids (3-7) will take part in 3 (shorter) sessions.

The forecast: 101 members ITF-Belgium will be present, amongst them 14 instructors.



2nd Super Class via Zoom

The 2nd Super Class, hosted by the ITF Women’s Committee, was a succes, just as the 1st one some weeks ago. On this session, 2 of the instructors were belgian masters, Master Virginia Dionisi and Master Annick Van Driessche. Together with Sabum Julia Cross (Schotland) and the chairperson and members of the Women’s Committee, in presence of GrandMaster Weiler, GrandMaster Marano and Sabum Oros Duek and with a lot of members ITF-Belgium and practitioners from all over the world it was a great session.