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Workshop ITF electronical scoring system

Sunday, May 12th, 10.00-15.00h – Destelbergen

Master Harry Vones (Germany), member of the ITF Tournament Committee, will conduct a workshop concerning the ITF electronical scoring system. This is interesting for (future) umpires and IT-assistants, but also to coaches and competitors.

The scoring for tul & sparring for corner referees, the info shown on the screen at the rings, but also the work done by IT-assistants at every individual ring as well as the computer work for the tournament committee during and before a championship will be items that will be implemented during the workshop, organized by the ITF-Belgium U&T Committee.


Day of Taekwon-Do

The next Day of Taekwon-Do & Kids Day ITF-Belgium is taking place in Ghent, Topsporthal, Sunday May 5th. The seminar is open to all members ITF-Belgium, regardless of age and grade. The best instructors of Belgium will conduct classes in tul, step sparring, pre-arrangd sparring, sparring, mental coaching, mobility exercises and a lot more.

Don’t miss the opportunity to train with the best Belgium has to offer! Ask your instructor the detailed information and the invitation.


Seminar with European Champion Lylian Doulay in Woluwe

ITF Brussels and ITF Woluwe organized a seminar (13.00-17.00) in Woluwe with Sabum Lylian Doulay (ITF France), February 16th. Sabum Doulay is multiple European Champion, multiple World Cup & European Cup winner and vice World Champion, and preparing for the upcoming World Championships in April. The seminar consisted of lots of exercises on strength & conditioning for patterns, kicks for patterns, stretching and fundamental movements.

In the last part of the seminar there was time to ask questions, and Sabum Lylian demonstrated the pattern Moon-Moo for an audience that was very impressed.

Most of the belgian clubs were present at the seminar, together with some members ITF Luxembourg and ITF France.


International Umpire Course & International Kids Course

IUC, Miesbach, Germany November 24th-25th

Some members ITF-Belgium will be present at the IUC. Amongst them the chairman and one of the members of the ITF-Belgium U&T Committee: Eddy Van Damme & Benito Martinez. They will bring the new information back home, to be included in the next National Umpire Courses.

IKC, Zaandam, The Netherlands, December 1st-2nd: with the participation of one ITF-Belgium black belt, Kevin De Vree.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail