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Online National Instructors Course

The second online National Instructors Course for black belts, instructors and assistant-instructors ITF-Belgium, was held Sunday morning June 20th. On the program: tuls Won-hyo and Eui-am: fundamental movements and details from these tuls, and the patterns in detail on count and in the own pace. In the end there was time for a Q&A, on both tuls, but also on other patterns or disciplines of Taekwon-Do.

All of the participants did a great effort, and enjoyed spending some time together… but still we made the promise, as the numbers in the pandemic are going in the good direction, to have the next NIC in the dojang, September 5th!


Seminar with Mark Trotter

Saturday April 10th 2021

Multiple worldchampion Mark Trotter (VI┬░degree, New Zealand) gave an online seminar, in an organization of our affiliated school Bounce Back Martial Arts, Hans & Alice. The seminar was attended by participants of 9 different countries.

The exercises were very nice and useful, all brought in a very enjoyable way by Sabum Mark. Afterwards there was plenty of time for a Q&A. There were a lot of positive vibes.


World Conference by the ITF Women Committee

March 8th was the International Women’s Day. To celebrate this the ITF Women Committee is organizing a World Conference on March 13th and 14th, with 8 female speakers, 8 different topics spread over the 2 days. The conferences are open to all ITF members, limited to 1000 members a day.

On both days Master Annick Van Driessche, as board member and liaison of the Women Committee, will give an opening speech.