Covid-19 Update

Dear members,

As from Monday May 4th on some of the measures taken in the battle against the Covid-19 virus will be changed, depending on the evolution of the pandemic. This will happen in several phases, with May 11th, May 18th and June 8th as next points.

In the first phases the re-opening of sportclubs, such as martial arts gyms, is not on the agenda. Dojangs will not be able to restart before May 18th, and even afterwards for now there are still some questionmarks.

However, we are following the situation and some authorities have been informed about our concerns, as with respect to (extra) precautionary measures, personal hygiëne (which is always very important for Taekwon-Do ), adapted classes etc. a lot can already been done.

As soon as we have more news, you will be informed.

Meanwhile, stay connected, keep on moving and practising. Most clubs and instructors have set up online classes through all kinds of different channels. ITF has organized some webinars and charla’s, and May 17th ITF-Belgium will host the Zoom Kids Day & Zoom Day of Taekwon-Do. If necessary, more activities will come up.

Stay safe, stay strong and take care of yourselves and the others,

Master Annick