Action ITF-Belgium T-shirts for the victims of the floods

The T-shirts ITF-Belgium are still available (in sizes 8, 12, XS and XL – other sizes are already out of stock ), with the ITF logo in the front and the logo ITF-Belgium at the back. The price has not changed for years, it’s still 12€. However, we’re doing a special action from today until July 31st.

You can order one or more T-shirts (contact; the amount we collect this way, of T-shirts ordered and transfered before that date, will be tranferred integrally to the bank account of the Red Cross for the victims of the floods of last week.

Send an e-mail, we can agree on how the shirt(s) will come your way, and transfer the amount right away to the number that will be send as reply (in order to be sure, you can send the proof of payment before the deadline).


Online National Instructors Course

The second online National Instructors Course for black belts, instructors and assistant-instructors ITF-Belgium, was held Sunday morning June 20th. On the program: tuls Won-hyo and Eui-am: fundamental movements and details from these tuls, and the patterns in detail on count and in the own pace. In the end there was time for a Q&A, on both tuls, but also on other patterns or disciplines of Taekwon-Do.

All of the participants did a great effort, and enjoyed spending some time together… but still we made the promise, as the numbers in the pandemic are going in the good direction, to have the next NIC in the dojang, September 5th!


Webinar Sport psychology

Sunday, June 20th

An ITF online webinar, ith as themse sports psychology, will be organized on Sunday June 20th. The class will be conducted by Prof. Dr. Janel Gauthier, chairman of the ITF Do & Ethics Committee and Professor psychology at Laval University (Canada, Québec) and Sabum Leonardo Oros Duek, Treasurer of the ITF and Psychologist in Israel.

Several instructors and members ITF- Belgium will participate at the webinar.