European Championships 2022: Andreea Musca on the podium

On the first day of the EC in Croatia, Andreea Musca won the bronze medal in pattern female senior IV°-VI° degree. Andree won the first bout against Switzerland and was up against multiple champion Sylvia Farigu in the semi-final. Her performance was excellent, both competitors were on the same level, this was worth a final. A well-deserved medal for Andreea after many years of hard work and dedication!


European Championships 2022: schedule

Croatia, April 26th-May 1st

The schedule and the draws for the 2022 EC are published. For all information: see Sportsdata.

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  • Wednesday April 27th, AM Weigh-in – 18.00 Opening Ceremony
  • Thursday April 28th, patterns, ring 1, 11.16 Andreea Musca – ring 1, 14.17 Juan Martinez, ring 4, 14.17 Rune Schuddinck
  • Friday April 29th, sparring, ring 2, 9.00 Matteo Preys – power breaking, ring 5, 13.40 Juan Martinez – the AETF Congress meeting starts at 19.00
  • Saturday April 30th, power breaking, ring 5, 13.45 Esther Meulemeester – sparring, ring 2, 9.00 Andreea Musca – ring 2, 14.00 Omar el Ferkhani & Vladimir Kim – ring 1, 14.00, Rune Schuddinck – ring 3, 15.19 Jérémie Bewa 
  • Sunday May 1st, team sparring, ring 3, 10.47

Master Virginia Dionisi invited in Argentina

Report by Agustina Correa, VI°degree, Federacion Misionera de Taekwon-Do

Master Virginia Dionisi, AETF Vice-President, was invited by the AIT (Academia Internacional de Taekwon-Do) of Misiones, led by Senior Master Carlos Méndez VIII Degree, to conduct a Master Class and participate in different activities.

On Saturday 5th March, the annual instructors meeting took place in Posadas, where more than 90 black belts from all over the province participated. Master Virginia shared her work experience on the development of Taekwon-Do in Europe, highlighting in this event the large number of women instructors present.

On Sunday 6th March Master Dionisi conducted a Class in support of two local institutions (the children’s home Sagrado Corazón, and the Fatima parish which carries out community work ). The Class was a celebration of Taekwon-Do, with a focus on the inclusion of practitioners in the broad sense of the concept. Children, juniors, adults, seniors, and practitioners with special capabilities from all grades were present. More than 80 participants from all over the province of different ages and categories enjoyed this special day. It was a success, despite the weather conditions that forced the organisers to change the venue at the last minute.

On Thursday 10thMarch the Honourable City Council of Posadas, through its representative Facundo López Sartori, declared of municipal interest the Class and the visit of Master Dionisi, who was honoured and received an award at the end of the institution’s session.