Open Dutch Championships 2023

January 28th 2023

Results members ITF-Belgium:

  • Andreea Musca: gold tul
  • Tomas Chacon Torrealba: silver tul
  • Laura Mouret: silver sparring
  • Sakina Khajou: gold tul & gold sparring
  • Alyssa Mbala: silver sparring
  • Helin Capa: bronze sparring
  • Nand Meire: gold sparring
  • Sona Say: silver sparring
  • Laetissa Matton: bronze sparring
  • Rawen Mejri: gold tul & gold sparring
  • Zümrüt Abdulrassol: silver tul & bronze sparring
  • Feriel Teskrat: silver sparring


TUIC Meeting

Lede, Sunday January 15th – Report by Benito Martinez:

The Tournament, Umpire and IT-Committee held an extraordinary meeting on Sunday January 15, as a result of a decision taken in the last ordinary meeting.

The TUIC is working in the dynamics of motivation and promotion of umpiring in Belgium, as an important discipline in Taekwon-Do, which contributes to improving the quality of the competition and the classes in general, and the knowledge of Taekwon-Do rules in particular. How to have more and better trained umpires, how to get the support of the school owners and instructors in the promotion of umpiring inside the clubs, how to adapt the international competition rules to our national competitions, and make it more clear for all. Also how to work in a more professional way with higher standards and improving of the NUC’s with more practice, evaluation and categories for umpires, and many more important issues.

The TUIC is building a project to the middle and long term education, training and motivation of new umpires; we want this discipline to become more attractive to all, and to help reaching a higher level in the Belgian Taekwon-Do.


European Championships 2023: selection national team

Sunday, January 8th 2023

Dear all,

On behalf of the committee and the coaches, please find the selection for the ITF Taekwon-Do European Championships 2023 that will take place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania from April 25 to April 30.

Tul (Individual):
Andreea Musca (senior female 4-6 Dan)
Wim Vermeir (senior male 4-6 Dan)
Tomas Chacon (senior male 2 Dan)
Rune Schuddinck (senior male 1 Dan)

Pre-arranged free Sparring :
Andreea Musca and Tomas Chacon (senior)

Power Breaking (Individual):
Esther Meulemeester (senior female)
Hans Van Lierde (senior male)
Wim Vermeir (senior male)

Sparring (Individual):
Andreea Musca (senior female  – 50 kgs)
Rahimsha  Ghafori ( senior male – 57 kgs)
Omar El Ferkhani (senior male  – 63 kgs)
Vladimir Kim (senior male – 63 kgs)
Rune Schuddinck (senior male – 70 kgs)
Tomas Chacon (senior male – 70 kgs)
Jérémie Bewa (senior male– 78 kgs)
Driss El Hmoud (senior male – 85 kgs)

Sparring (Senior Male Team)
Rahimsha  Ghafori, Omar El Ferkhani, Vladimir Kim, Rune Schuddinck, Tomas Chacon, Jérémie Bewa, Driss El Hmoud

There will be 7 National Trainings until the competition : 22/01, 05/02, 26/02, 05/03, 19/03, 02/04, 09/04.
More information will be sent regularly in the coming days/weeks for location of training, booking of flights and hotel, competitor agreement,…

For those who were not selected this time, don’t give up. We have seen improvement in all candidates and believe that will be able to join the National Team in the future if they continue to train.

Congratulations to all of you!

The Coaching Team