National Umpire Course

Report by Benito Martinez:

On Sunday February 12, the club Bushido leaded by Sabum Parick Crevecoeur, hosted the first National Umpire course of 2023. The course, in French language, was conducted by Master Eddy Van Damme and Sabum Benito Martinez, from the Tournament Umpire and IT Comitee. there was a first part for beginners and a second part for advanced umpires.

How to set a ring for tul or sparring, the protocols, rules and behaviour of the umpires, the differents duties in the different positions or functions in the ring, hand signals and other procedures were part of the content of the course. In total 53 participants, 30 in the morning and 23 in the afternoon made a lot of questions and showed a great motivation and interest. As TUIC we hope this can bring more potential umpires to our championship and help to improve their quality. In one week, on the 19th of February the course will be given in Dutch language at the Flemish region.