Seminar with Tomaz Barada in Belgium

December 3rd & 4th multiple European and World Champion Tomaz Barada (VI°degree, Slovenia) conducted 4 sparring sessions in Belgium, in Sporthal De Dageraad in Harelbeke. Already in 2001 Tomaz came to our country to conduct a seminar, it was great having him back after 15 years. tomaz4

During the weekend about 85 participants from ITF-Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy attended the seminar, some for one session, some for one day, some for all 4 sessions. Tomaz made sure all of them had a good time, none of the sessions was the same : sparring combinations, tactics, mobility exercises,….hard work and fun at the same time. In the end, while everyone was sweaty and tired, Tomaz took the time to answer to all kinds of questions.

Many thanks to national coach Yves Pollefeyt for the practical side of the organisation.


International Instructors Course Paris

The weekend of November 26th-27th ITF France is organizing an IIC with the ITF Technical Committee in Vincennnes, Paris at the sports complex of INSEP where all the national and Olympic teams of France are training on regular basis. GrandMaster Hector Marano (Argentina) will conduct the lessons together with GrandMaster Lan Ung Kim (Germany) and Master Paul McPhail (New Zealand).


About 250 participants from 19 different countries will attend this IIC. Also ITF-Belgium is well represented, with 20 black belts from different affiliated schools: Master Frank Vanberghen, Annick Van Driessche, Eddy Van Damme, Virginia Dionisi, Yves Pollefeyt, Tom Van De Sijpe, Stefan Hendrickx, Andreea Musca, Wim Vermandere, Benito Martinez, Gonzalo Escribano Tejerina, Daniel Kampff, Esther Meulemeester, Marnic Ketels, Jan Lauwereins, Leen Walraeve, Arnaud Verschelde, Kevin Vlaeminck, Jorge Nunez, Margaux Pollefeyt. Also our friends from GD Luxembourg are represented with Hardy Viktor and Jan-Philip Wassenaar.


Day of Taekwon-Do

Twice a year ITF-Belgium organizes the Day of Taekwon-Do. The second seminar of 2016 was held in Jambes, Centre Sportif Adeps, Sunday November 6th, with 10 instructors conducting classes for 112 participants, who were divided into groups according to their age and degree. Participants came from all schools affiliated to ITF-Belgium and ITF Luxembourg.

After the warming-up juniors and seniors followed classes in sparring (Patrick Crevecoeur, V°), tul (Annick Van Driessche, VI°), power breaking (Jan-Philip Wassenaar, II°) and hosinsul (Erik Van Hoeck, III°), while some of the black belts had the opportunity of having private tul sessions with Master Frank Vanberghen (VIII°) and Eddy Van Damme (VI°).

The instructors for the children were Tom Van De Sijpe, IV° (special techniques), Jan Lauwereins, I° (hosinsul), Yves Pollefeyt, VI° (sparring) and Virginia Dionisi, VI° (tul).

All participants received a certificate.



Seminar with GrandMaster Javier Dacak

Report by Sabum Virginia Dionisi:

We would like to thank GM Dacak for visiting us, for sharing his valuable knowledge and experience.

GrandMaster Javier Dacak, second ITF Vice President, visited Belgium and gave an outstanding seminar. He was assisted by his daughters Iara and Alana Dacak, World Champion and World Cup Champion respectively.

The seminar took place in Brussels, Woluwe Saint Pierre, Wednesday 19th October. It covered the new ITF Protocol, basic and fundamental principles to improve the performance of tul, stepsparring and some principles of sparring. GM Dacak also took the opportunity to share with the participants some memories about the first and second world championships, where he became World Champion, and some stories about moments he shared with General Choi Hong Hi. dacak

There were participants from different clubs in Belgium, GD Luxembourg, Argentina and Paraguay, from 10°kup till VIII° degree, children, juniors and adults. Master Frank Vanberghen, Technical Director of ITF-Belgium was present. He offered GM Dacak and his daughters some souvenirs on behalf of the ITF-Belgium.

After the seminar the instructors (IV°degree and above) and the organizers enjoyed a drink with GM Dacak and his family. We had a great time, while learning and having fun!