European Championships 2024 April 15th to April 19th

Wednesday April 17th

Yesterday the belgian team arrived in Lublin, Poland for the EC 2024. In the evening the opening ceremony starts at 20.00h. The actual competition starts on Thursday April 18th.

The team was accompanied by Master Virginia Dionisi, Vice-President of AETF.

Meanwhile Master Annick Van Driessche was arriving on Sunday April 14th, as the ITF Board Meeting was scheduled on April 15th, 16th and 17th.

GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen joined on Monday, to have meetings with and for the ITF ARCC.

Thursday April 18th

Lara Capa  performed in pattern pre-junior. She had to perform Ge-Baek and Chon-ji. She lost, but it’s very promising for the future.

Kilan Verbraeken competed in junior special techniques. He reached 4 out of 5 of the techniques, also very promising for the championships to come. In the afternoon he was up in sparring. He won his first bout to Bulgaria, but unfortunately had to quit the second bout due to an injury.

Friday April 19th

Today only one competitor had to step into the ring, in junior pattern  Helin Capa. She won her first bout, with Po-Eun and Won-hyo, from Spain. In the second round she faced Norway. Helin was strong, technically and mentally. Taking into account this is her first EC she can be very proud.

At 19.00h in the evening there was the AETF Congress Meeting, with Master Virginia Dionisi as Vice-President, Master Annick Van Driessche representing Belgium for the 23rd year, and GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen as representative, for the 20th year already, of the Revisory Committee.