National Instructors Course

Lokeren, June 19th 2022

Twice a year ITF-Belgium has its National Instructors Course, a course open to instructors. The first NIC of 2022 will take place June 19th in Lokeren, with on the programme: warming-up exercises (Nico Tunyck), tuls Do-san & Choong-gun (GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen), an introduction of the inclusion committee & adapted programme (Inclusion Committee) and hosinsul against knife attacks (Nico Tunyck).

The next NIC will be organized October 16th in St-Lievens-Houtem, with tuls Chon-ji up to Tong-il.


European Cup 2022

Sofia, Bulgaria June 6-10

ITF-Belgium was represented by 4 members at the championship. As Vice-president of AETF Master Virginia Dionisi was present as representant of the AETF Board. Benito Martinez was on the European Cup as part of the umpire team. Laura Mouret and Kaloyan Hristov were competing, defending the belgian colours.

On Friday June 10th Laura was able to fight her way to the final in sparring -68kg, obtaining the silver medal.


27th Tafisa World Congress

Portoroz, Slovenia June 8th-11th 2022

Master Annick Van Driessche was representing the International Taekwon-Do Federation, as Board Member, on the World Congress of Tafisa (The Association for International Sports for All). ITF is one of the 56 international members (out of 400 members) of the association, as ‘Sports for All’ is also an important issue in Taekwon-Do.

As representant of ITF, Master Annick took part in the 1st International Members Meeting, the signing of the INTERACT Pledge, a commitment for ‘Sports for All’, the reading of the Portoroz Declaration and the General Assembly, with also the elections of the new board.


Day of Taekwon-Do & Kids Day

Woluwe, Sunday June 5th

On this bank holiday still 9 instructors and 90 participants gathered for this seminar, amongst them also 2 friends from Argentina. In several workshops (2 for the kids 3-7, 9 for the youth, juniors and seniors) different disciplines of Taekwon-Do passed by. The participants were motivated, the instructors experienced, and everyone enjoyed training together.

Hope to see everyone back for the 2nd Day of Taekwon-Do & Kids Day 2022, in October.