International Umpire Course

April 17-18

This weekend the ITF Umpire & Tournament Committee is conducting an International Umpire Course through Zoom. For 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday, the ITF umpire and tournament rules will be explained, with an update on the last changes, video-material to practise and so on.

Together with about 440 other participants also 20 instructors and members ITF-Belgium are attending the seminar. Another great ITF activity during these last monthis on which ITF-Belgium is well represented. Our instructors and members are always learning and studying!


Seminar with Mark Trotter

Saturday April 10th 2021

Multiple worldchampion Mark Trotter (VIĀ°degree, New Zealand) gave an online seminar, in an organization of our affiliated school Bounce Back Martial Arts, Hans & Alice. The seminar was attended by participants of 9 different countries.

The exercises were very nice and useful, all brought in a very enjoyable way by Sabum Mark. Afterwards there was plenty of time for a Q&A. There were a lot of positive vibes.


Online championship tul for selection national team

April 5th-17th

The national coaches organized, together with the ITF-Belgium Tournament & Umpire Committee, an online championship in tul for candidates for the national team. This will be one of the criteria, together with e.g. the online training sessions of the last couple of months, for selection for the e-World Championships (September) and the European Championships (hopefully to be organized in November).

Good luck to all participants! Many thanks to the coaches, the TUC and the umpires involved.


World Conference by the ITF Women Committee

March 8th was the International Women’s Day. To celebrate this the ITF Women Committee is organizing a World Conference on March 13th and 14th, with 8 female speakers, 8 different topics spread over the 2 days. The conferences are open to all ITF members, limited to 1000 members a day.

On both days Master Annick Van Driessche, as board member and liaison of the Women Committee, will give an opening speech.


Final results of the e-Belgian Championships

February 26th-March 10th

The first ever e-Belgian Championships tul have come to an end, the final results are known: click here.

It was a nice experience, the 98 competitors (competing in 15 categories), 20 referees and all instructors and coaches involved gained a very nice experience. Many thanks to the ITF-Belgium TUC for the organization of the event. ITF-Belgium can be proud of the achievement!