National Instructors Course 2021 Online

Zoom, May 23rd

As the feedback on the online NIC’s of 2020 were good and on the General Assembly of January the instructors asked to repaet the format, and since it’s still difficult to have training sessions ‘in live’, another online National Instructors Course was organised this Sunday morning (open to all instructos and assistant-instructors ITF-Belgium).

On the program this time: Choong-moo. The first 45 minutes some fundamental movements from the pattern were exercised, afterwards the pattern was done on count, with explanation of the details, and in the own pace. The last part of the seminar consisted of a Q&A: on Choong-moo, but also on other patterns and aspects of Taekwon-Do.

The next NIC is planned for June 20th.


ITF Policy on Harassment

Although due to the pandemic the ITF Board is not able to meet in person, since April 2020 the Board Members had a Board Meeting through Zoom every month, always on a Sunday morning 7.00 am CET, for 5-6 hours. A lot has been done and decided during these many hours, and also the ITF Bylaws have been revised, many ITF Policies have been updated or written, etc.

On May 2nd also the new ITF Adult Harassment Policy was voted after several months of work and 16 draft versions. Meanwhile a Children Harassment Policy is on its way.

The policy comes with an awareness campaigh against all kinds of harassment, to show that ITF has zero tolerance against harassment.

ITF-Belgium will implement the policy in its own rules, at this moment the Disciplinary Committee and the API’s are working on this.

The policy is published on the ITF website and on the website ITF-Belgium, in the section ‘Documents’: click here.