AETF Congress Meeting & elections

La Nucia, November 26th 2021

On November 26th 2021, during the European Championships in Spain, the yearly AETF Congress Meeting was being held with 36 affiliated European countries & representatives present. On the agenda this yaer were also the 4-yearly elections for the AETF Board and the Revisory Committee.

GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen was re-elected in the Revisory Committee, as chairman. He is already holding this position for 18 years, and is up for another term of 4 years now.

Master Virginia Dionisi was candidate to become AETF vice-president. Many congratulations! She won this election with 21 votes against 15 for the other candidate. It’s a big honour to have her in the board, and her election is quite sopecial: as small country, Belgium has 1 GrandMaster, 3 Masters of whom 2 are female, both of them involved in ITF & AETF matters! ITF-Belgium should be proud of this.

The newly elected president of AETF is Master Leonardo Oros Duek. New board members: Master Alexandru Muresan, Master Jorge Züger, Master Lazaros Tsilfidis, Peter Szasz, Master Jurek (Jerzy) Jedut and Master Tomaz Barada.


European Championships 2021

La Nucia, Spain November 23rd-27th

After the cancellation of the EC 2020 the 2021 edition was postponed from April to November. Thanks to a lot of measures and precautions AETF and FEST were able to organize this year’s competition: from face masks for everyone in the hall over testing upon arrival to the exclusion of spectators… it was a bit different, but all delegations were happy there was an EC this year.

After 21 months of pandemic, the difference between countries that had faced a lockdown and severe measures and the countries that did’t have any lockdown was visible, not as such on the physical, but especially on the mental side. Also in the belgian team. Although the competitors and coaches gave all they have and performed well, there was a bit of hesitation. So no medals this year, but this doesn’t mean there’s no result. The next EC is in 6 months, in April 2022, and this year’s EC was a necessary step to take in the preparation for next year. This was only the 2nd competition in 21 months, after a preparation meanly through digital platforms.

To be short: the athletes and coaches can be proud of how they performed and put the focus now on 2022!


Belgian Championships 2021

The 31st Belgian Championships, on the calendar for February 2021, had to be postponed due to the pandemic. The new date was set on November 14th.

Although the circumstances and the preparations were difficult, and a lot of measures had to be set (like e.g. CST, face masks and so on) the TUC and the organizing school Samjok-O managed to have a fantastic BC with most of the affiliated clubs present. Over 145 competitors, a lot of coaches and enough umpires to work constantly on 4 rings … the numbers were still quite high.

In March ITF-Belgium had already organized the e-BC in tul, so on this championship there was no competition in this discipline. However, there were events in teamtul, pre-arranged sparring, kids sparring, sparring, special techniques, power breaking and team sparring.

All results can be found on Sportsdata: click here.

The 32nd BC is scheduled for February 22nd 2022.


ITF Course for women around the world

On October 30th 2021 through the Zoom platform, organized by the ITF Women’s Committee, a special course in which GrandMaster Hector Marano (chairman of the ITF Technical Committee) corrected, taught and gave details of 3 patterns to many women around the world. The course took 2,5 hours.

The registration number exceeded 250 women worldwide. However, at the time of the course there were 160 cameras on, this was due to many clubs that provided their facilities to groups of women who gathered together to share and learn from GrandMaster Marano.

The 3 patterns were demonstrated by 3 different women from around the world. The tul Ge-Baek was shown by Andreea Musca, a big honour for herself and for our country. During the whole event the translation from English to Spanish and vice versa was done by Master Virginia Dionisi.

There were participants from 30 different countries, from different continents. Amongst them also some belgian members. Besides the members of the ITF Women Committee, also the ITF President, GrandMaster Paul Weiler, attended the course.


e-Martial Arts Games ITF Taekwon-Do

October 22nd-November 2nd 2021

At this online championship in tul, competitors from 3 clubs ITF-Belgium Participated with white, coloured and black belts: Taekwon-Do Club Gent, Red Force and Ge-Baek. Congratulations to all participants for the high level performances and the good spirit, regardless of the results, and congratulations to their instructors.


  • Otis Moerman: 1st place
  • Frances Van den Bogaert: 1st place
  • Strahinja Rebic: 1st place
  • Khuslen Chingesdalai: 1st place
  • Rune Schuddinck: 2nd place
  • Jan Hebberecht: 2nd place
  • Maëlla Diaz Honore: 2nd place
  • Alyssa Mbala: 2nd place
  • Pjotr Tchekouteff: 3rd place
  • Aymara Pena Pena: 3rd place
  • Louis Vincent: 3rd place
  • Hyusmen Mehmedov: 3rd place
  • Mango Maguy: 3rd place
  • Feriel Teskrat: 3rd place
  • Nelson Van den Bogaert: 3rd place
  • Roudayna Mejri: 3rd place
  • Lara Capa: 3rd place
  • Brian Fontaine: 3rd place
  • Yacine Benzaaza: 3rd place
  • Jesse Deschryver: 3rd place
  • Jan Menschaert: 3rd place