Dangrading Committee ITF-Belgium

GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen IX°degree

Master Annick Van Driessche VII° degree

Master Virginia Dionisi VII°degree

Master Eddy Van Damme VII°degree

Mr. Yves Pollefeyt VI°degree

ITF-Belgium is hosting at least 2 dangradings a year. Fully completed application forms (and a picture)  need to be send (digital) to at least 4 weeks before the grading.

Application forms

Technical Director ITF-Belgium

Technical Director
GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen IX°degree

Master Annick Van Driessche VII° degree

Master Virginia Dionisi VII°degree

Tasks Technical Director

  • Preserves the technical level and uniformity in ITF-Belgium
  • Determines the program for dan & kupgradings & appoints members for the grading committees
  • Conducts national technical seminars for instructors
  • Advises on technical matters

Umpire & Tournament Committee

Master Eddy Van Damme VII°degree

Mr. Benito Martinez, IV°degree

Ms. Orchana De Corte II°degree

Mrs. Sophie Ardenoy II° degree

Member tournament committee
Mr. Julien Goulard I°degree

Master Annick Van Driessche VII° degree

Tasks Umpire Committee

  • Conducting umpire courses for beginners and advanced courses frequently in ITF-Belgium.
  • Having a manual, which candidates can download through the website.
  • Keeping a list of potential umpires within ITF-Belgium.
  • Keeping a list of members ITF-Belgium which are umpire on (national and international) championships, during each championship.
  • Deciding who can ask for a B certificate or A certificate (after following an ITF umpire course), with regards to followed courses, activity as umpire, qualities and degree.
  • Keeping a list of participants per course, for grading issues.
  • Umpire committee on championships in Belgium, cooperating with the tournament committee and
    the organizers.

Tasks Tournament Committee

  • Organization of tournaments in Belgium (invitations, categories, draws, ….) in cooperation with the organizers and the umpire committee.
  • Communication concerning hall, first aid, material, lunch referees, etc.
  • Collaboration with umpire committee concerning umpires, categories,…..
  • Weigh-in at tournaments
  • Inscriptions, registration & accreditation before and during championships
  • Keeping results & overall winner

All documents

Disciplinary Committee

Master Eddy Van Damme VII°degree

GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen IX°degree

Mr. Benny Torfs I°degree

Master Virginia Dionisi VII°degree

Tasks Disciplinary Committee

  • Disciplinary procedures on demand of the board, keeping the ITF Protocol & Bylaws in mind, and with respect to the constitution and Rules&Regulations ITF-Belgium

Bylaws and other necessary documents

Public Relations Committee

Mr. Rudi Van Hecke

Ms. Tabitha Van Lierde II° degree

Master Annick Van Driessche

Tasks Public Relations Committee

  • Contact with (national and regional) press concerning results and events ITF-Belgium and the national team.
  • Informing the public about (ITF) Taekwon-Do and informing them about the differences between Taekwon-Do & taekwondo.
  • Searching for sponsors ITF-Belgium and the national team.
  • Responsible for having pictures/videos of national team & other competitors and of events in ITF-Belgium
  • Helping with the organisation of and during activities ITF-Belgium concerning PR.

Hosinsul Committee

Mr. Jan Lauwereins III° degree

Mr. Nico Tunyck III° degree

Mr. Wim Vermandere IV° degree

Mr. Benny Torfs I° degree

Tasks Hosinsul Committee

  • Conducting hosinsul courses in ITF-Belgium, with respect to ITF Taekwon-Do techniques
  • Preserving the level of hosinsul in ITF-Belgium, keeping the grading rules & technical specifications in mind

Anti-doping Officer

Mr. Benito Martinez IV°degree

Confidential Advisors


Mrs. Darline Verschaete (Dutch)
0478 65 30 33


Mr. Gabriel Garay (Dutch-French)
0472 21 38 52

Mrs. Mélanie Mahy (French) 0485 74 20 40


Ms. Esther Meulemeester (Dutch)
0472 66 71 35