Dangrading Committee ITF-Belgium

GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen IX°

Master Annick Van Driessche VII°  – Master Virginia Dionisi VII°  – Master Eddy Van Damme VII°  – Mr. Patrick Crevecoeur VI°

ITF-Belgium is hosting at least 2 dangradings a year. Fully completed application forms (and a picture)  need to be send (digital) to at least 4 weeks before the grading.

Application forms

Technical Director ITF-Belgium

Technical Director
GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen IX°degree

Tasks Technical Director

  • Preserves the technical level and uniformity in ITF-Belgium
  • Determines the program for dan & kupgradings & appoints members for the grading committees
  • Conducts national technical seminars for instructors
  • Advises on technical matters

Umpire & Tournament Committee

Master Eddy Van Damme VII°

Mrs. Amber Dellaert III° – Mrs. Sophie Ardenoy III°  – Mr. Julien Goulard I°  – Mr. Gabriel Garay II°

Master Annick Van Driessche VII°

Tasks Umpire Committee

  • Conducting umpire courses for beginners and advanced courses frequently in ITF-Belgium.
  • Having a manual, which candidates can download through the website.
  • Keeping a list of potential umpires within ITF-Belgium.
  • Keeping a list of members ITF-Belgium which are umpire on (national and international) championships, during each championship.
  • Deciding who can ask for a B certificate or A certificate (after following an ITF umpire course), with regards to followed courses, activity as umpire, qualities and degree.
  • Keeping a list of participants per course, for grading issues.
  • Umpire committee on championships in Belgium, cooperating with the tournament committee and
    the organizers.

Tasks Tournament Committee

  • Organization of tournaments in Belgium (invitations, categories, draws, ….) in cooperation with the organizers and the umpire committee.
  • Communication concerning hall, first aid, material, lunch referees, etc.
  • Collaboration with umpire committee concerning umpires, categories,…..
  • Weigh-in at tournaments
  • Inscriptions, registration & accreditation before and during championships
  • Keeping results & overall winner

All documents

Disciplinary Committee

Master Eddy Van Damme VII°

GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen IX° – Master Virginia Dionisi VII°  – Mr. Benny Torfs I°

Tasks Disciplinary Committee

  • Disciplinary procedures on demand of the board, keeping the ITF Protocol & Bylaws in mind, and with respect to the constitution and Rules&Regulations ITF-Belgium

Bylaws and other necessary documents

Public Relations Committee

Ms. Tabitha Van Lierde II° – Mrs. Sophie Ardenoy III° – Vacant position

Master Annick Van Driessche VII°

Tasks Public Relations Committee

  • Contact with (national and regional) press concerning results and events ITF-Belgium and the national team.
  • Informing the public about (ITF) Taekwon-Do and informing them about the differences between Taekwon-Do & taekwondo.
  • Searching for sponsors ITF-Belgium and the national team.
  • Responsible for having pictures/videos of national team & other competitors and of events in ITF-Belgium
  • Helping with the organisation of and during activities ITF-Belgium concerning PR.

Hosinsul Committee

Mr. Nico Tunyck IV° – Mr. Jurgen Van Rossem I° – Mr. Miguel Vanhoutte I°

Mr. Benny Torfs I°

Tasks Hosinsul Committee

  • Conducting hosinsul courses in ITF-Belgium, with respect to ITF Taekwon-Do techniques
  • Preserving the level of hosinsul in ITF-Belgium, keeping the grading rules & technical specifications in mind

Anti-doping Officer

Vacant position

Inclusion Committee

Ms. Alice Vrinat III°

Ms. Tabitha Van Lierde II° – Mrs. Mélanie Mahy

External consultants
Master Eddy Van Damme VII° – Mrs. Sophie Ardenoy III°

Tasks Inclusion Committee

  • To create possibilities for athletes with physical or intellectual special needs to fully take part in classes, seminars, competitions and all other activities of ITF-Belgium, together with all other participants, as a tool of personal and social development.
  • Be updated with all scientific information and studies related to the different issues and have regular education by participating at specialized seminars and courses organized by ITF and AETF.
  • Follow very closely all the politics, methods and programs issued by the ITF and AETF Inclusion Committees, and do the best to develop them at the national level.

Coach Committee

Mr. Nicholas Taylor I°

Mr. Patrick Crevecoeur VI° – Mr. Hans Rombaut VI°

Tasks Coach Committee

  • To support the Coach Developer.
  • To play a role in fostering excellence in coaching.
  • To provide guidance to all instructors/coaches and to ensure the overall enhancement.

Safeguarding Officers

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