30th Belgian Championships

Lokeren, Sunday February 16th 2020

On the 30th edition of the ITF Taekwon-Do Belgian Championships a new record was set: 303 participants competed in 88 categories, in individual as well as team events for both coloured and black belts. The championship was open to kids 3-7, youth 8-13, juniors and seniors.

All results can be found through Sportsdata.

Celebrate 30 years of ITF-Belgium & celebrate 65 years of Taekwon-Do.

30th Belgian Championships

For the 30th Belgian Championships ITF Taekwon-Do, Sunday February 16th in Lokeren, 303 participants are subscribed. A new record has been set!

To make sure everything runs smoothly and the event can start in time, we’d like to ask all participants, coaches and umpires to arrive in time at the venue. Registration and weigh-in will be open as from 8.00 on, earlier is even possible if some schools arrive before that moment.

Wishing everyone involved the best of luck!


Seminar in Red Force

Report by Master Virginia Dionisi:

Seminar at the School Red Force – Brussels

On Sunday 26th January I was invited to give a seminar at the school Red Force, lead by Bo Sabum Costel Grigoras. The content focused on (i) fundamental movements/patterns (preparation, breathing, sine wave, generation of power, main muscles used) and (ii) basic concepts of sparring (including exercises to improve kicks and footwork, dynamics of the fight, setting up a strategy).

The course was intended to last 2 hours, but the group was so motivated that we stayed one additional hour. At the end of the seminar there was time for questions, a picture session and handing the certificates of attendance.

It was a very nice Sunday, even if I was jet-lagged because I arrived from Argentina on Saturday :).

Thanks Bo Sabum Costel for your confidence! Yours in Taekwon-Do, Master Virginia Dionisi


Open Dutch Championships 2020

Results members ITF-Belgium:

  • Andreea Musca: gold tul female IV°-VI° degree
  • Laura Mouret: bronze sparring female overall category

  • Angeliki Kourtesi: gold tul
  • Sakina Khajou: gold sparring & bronze tul
  • Altan Rinchinov: gold tul
  • Nessrine Sadek: bronze sparring
  • Bo Wauters: bronze sparring
  • Wolf Gottiti: silver tul & silver sparring
  • Maximilien Boyens: silver tul & bronze sparring
  • Willem Gottiti: bronze sparring
  • Rune Schuddinck: silver sparring
  • Jan Menschaert: bronze sparring
  • David Dauchot: silver sparring
  • Liliana Nikolchova: bronze sparring
  • Abdoulahi Paepe: bronze sparring
  • Vannessa Coysman: bronze sparring
  • Franck-Wilfrid Nissa Efouba: bronze sparring
  • Jonathan Lamraghi: silver sparring

Logo contest 30 th anniversary ITF-Belgium

In 2020 ITF-Belgium is celebratings its 30th anniversary.

In a logo contest the members could create a logo that will be used during this special year. Today we can announce the winner, with 9 points: Tabitha Van Lierde. Her reward: a Mighty Fist Matrix dobok.

The first 3 logo’s ended very closely, with 8 points (Jef Gerits) and 7 points (Helmut Claus) being on the heels of the winner.

Many thanks to all participants for being so creative and sending in their logo.