ITF-Belgium Inclusion Committee

Report by Benito Martinez

The ITF-Belgium Inclusion Committee was created in March 2022. It is made up of Sabum Benito Martinez as chairman, Boosabum Alice Vrinat and Melanie Mahy as members, and Master Eddy Van Damme and Boosabum Sophie Ardenoy as external consultants. The committee had the approval of the federation board. The people involved in this project have, in one way or another, professional or personal experiences of contact or work with people with special needs and expressed enthusiasm and interest in the inclusion program and adapted Taekwon-Do.

The tasks of the Inclusion Committee are: 1)To create possibilities for athletes with physical or intellectual special needs to fully take part in trainings, seminars, competitions and all other activities of our federation as a tool of personal and social development together with all other participants; 2) Be updated with all scientific information and studies relative to the different issues and have regular education by participating specialized seminars and courses organized by ITF and AETF; 3)Follow very closely all the politics, methods and programs issued by the ITF and AETF Inclusion Committees, and do the best to develop them at the national level.

On June 19, Sabum Benito Martinez, who is also member of the European Inclusion Committee, introduced the Taekwon-Do adapted program to the participants of the National Instructors Course, celebrated in Lokeren, headed by Grand Master Frank Vanbergen, and Master Annick Van Driessche. At the course, the participants were informed of the steps given by the committee and the future projects; questions and comments followed.

Three members of ITF-Belgium, Master Virginia Dionisi, Sabum Andreea Musca and Sabum Esther Meulemeester participated in the recent course on Adapted Taekwon-Do in the context of the IIC in Cluj Napoca, Romania, presented by Master Leo Oros Duek. Master Annick Van Driessche and Master Eddy Van Damme participated during the IIC in Ireland earlier this year, while some members followed the online courses in 2021. For the return to activities after the summer, the committee will prepare an internal plan to identify the characteristics and needs of our athletes likely to be included in the program and we must work on the development of the first concrete actions to carry out our objectives.


The Black Belt Lions

ITF-Belgium has the objective to build a strong national team, with its own identity. Therefore we have found a new name for the national team, a name as strong as the willing to perform abroad.
Now has come the time to unveil it officially, the new name of the national team is:

The Black Belt Lions

This is a strong meaning name; the Lion was selected, as it is one of the Belgian most important symbols that represent among others the unity of our country, a symbol of courage, power, strength and independence!
Also, the Lion because it’s also the king of the jungle, a symbol of wisdom, living in a group, supporting each other, a true example to follow and an inspiration for the younger members.
Black belts in order to have the meaning of who is part of this team and it has one of the colours of our flag.

This is a work from different committees of the federation but at the end, it is you and your students who can make this team as strong as you want it to be! It starts from the members of the federation, there will be squad trainings as from September, motivate your students.

As you’ve also noticed, the national coaches team, has also a new e-mail adress. Don’t hesitate to contact them for any question about the national team on

PR Committee ITF-Belgium


National Instructors Course

Lokeren, June 19th 2022

Twice a year ITF-Belgium has its National Instructors Course, a course open to instructors. The first NIC of 2022 will take place June 19th in Lokeren, with on the programme: warming-up exercises (Nico Tunyck), tuls Do-san & Choong-gun (GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen), an introduction of the inclusion committee & adapted programme (Inclusion Committee) and hosinsul against knife attacks (Nico Tunyck).

The next NIC will be organized October 16th in St-Lievens-Houtem, with tuls Chon-ji up to Tong-il.


European Cup 2022

Sofia, Bulgaria June 6-10

ITF-Belgium was represented by 4 members at the championship. As Vice-president of AETF Master Virginia Dionisi was present as representant of the AETF Board. Benito Martinez was on the European Cup as part of the umpire team. Laura Mouret and Kaloyan Hristov were competing, defending the belgian colours.

On Friday June 10th Laura was able to fight her way to the final in sparring -68kg, obtaining the silver medal.