Seminar Mark Trotter in Ukraine

Report by Nicolas Taylor

On May 4th was held in Kiev (Ukraine), a seminar given by Mark Trotter, multiple World Champion in tul from New Zealand. It was opened to colored belts and black belt. It consisted in 3 sessions of 2 hours with breaks. Around 80 athletes from all around Ukraine and Belgium (myself) participated. It was a technical seminar and Mark Trotter demonstrated an incredible level of technique. He gave various exercices and non conventional approache to improve the way we are performing tuls. We all learned a lot of «tricks» and tips. There was a very friendly atmosphere during all the training.

After the seminar, I stayed in Ukraine for a few more days and joined the city of Ivano-Frankosk where I had the opportunity to train in the Dojang of Sabum Oleg and Sabum Katya Solovey.