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WC2019: competition schedule Belgium

Monday April 22nd: arrival of the Belgian team in Inzell & registration

Tuesday April 23rd:

  • Weigh-in & accreditation: 12.22h
  • Training
  • Coach- & umpiremeeting
  • Opening ceremony: 20.00h

Livestream: click here.

Wednesday April 24th AM:

  • Arthur, tul, ring 2
  • Arthur, special techniques, ring 8
  • Tabitha, tul, ring 5
  • Lisa, tul, ring 5
  • Hans, power breaking, ring 9
  • Tomas, power breaking, ring 9
  • Laura, tul, ring 7
  • Leen, tul, ring 7
  • Andreea, tul, ring 1
  • Anthony, tul, ring 4
  • Roeland, tul, ring 7
  • Tomas, tul, ring 7

Wednesday April 24th PM: Esther, power breaking, ring 9

Thursday April 25th AM:

  • Andreea, sparring, ring 6
  • Lisa, sparring, ring 7

Thursday April 25th PM:

  • Arthur, sparring, ring 3
  • Terence, sparring, ring 6
  • Erik, sparring, ring 5

Friday April 26th AM:

  • Tomas, sparring, ring 1
  • Roeland, sparring, ring 2
  • Vladimir, sparring, ring 3
  • Omar, sparring, ring 4
  • Roeland, special techniques, ring 8
  • Anthony, sparring, ring 7

Friday April 26th PM:

  • Andreea + Leen, pre-arranged sparring, ring 6
  • Tabitha, power breaking, ring 9
  • Esther, sparring, ring 7
  • Pablo, sparring, ring 4

Saturday April 27th AM: team sparring on ring 2, team power breaking on ring 7-8-9.

Sunday April 28th, 9.00, ITF Congress Meeting


Squad training WC 2019

Sunday 7th April the belgian team had a last squad training before departure to the WC2019 in Inzell. In Woluwe, between 13.00 and 16.00, the team members trained hard, but in a very good atmosphere.

The belgian delegation will travel to Inzell on Monday April 22nd. On April 23rd there’s the registration & weigh-in, coach meeting, umpire meeting and opening ceremony, the competition starts on April 24th and will last untill April 27th.

Keep updated on this website or on the Facebook pages.

Many thanks to the sponsors Mighty Fist and FROS.


Report of the Kazakhstan Open 2019

By Nicolas Taylor

On March 21 was held the MightyFist Kazahkstan Open in the city of Almaty with more than 300 competitors from 7 countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Belorussia, Ukraine, UK and Belgium). It was a strong competition with the use of an electronical system for umpiring. In the morning of the competition, I acted as jury president and in the afternoon as corner referee till one hour before the expected start of my category (sparring – 85 kg, black belt) at 7.00 pm. I took the silver, winning against Kazakhstan but losing in final against Belorussia. In the evening, a banquet was organized with the officials and foreigners.

During the following days, we could visit the city of Almaty. I also had the opportunity to train in 2 different clubs (Berkut and Baris). In top, in Berkut Club, I also gave a Taekwon-Do lesson for kids. I was happy to participate there as it has been an opportunity to see friends again, discover a new place and practise Taekwon-Do. I need to thank the organization for all the support such as welcoming me at the airport despite the early arrival (5.00 am), picked us from the the hotel to go the competition and spend several days with us to show us the city.


Dan gradings

Lokeren, March 24th 2019

Members ITF-Belgium that obtained II° degree:

  • Terence Bewa (Bushido)
  • Jérémie Bewa (Bushido)
  • Marco Gaspar (Bushido Bastogne)
  • Bernard Verbeek (Bushido)
  • Jérémy Verbeek (Bushido)

Obtained the I° degree:

  • Béatriz Gaspar (Bushido Bastogne)
  • Elena Marneffe (Bushido)
  • Hyba Saki (Bushido)
  • Amelya Tenniche (Bushido)