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Zoom sessions Kids Day & Day of Taekwon-Do

In December 2019 the date for the 2020 Kids Day and Day of Taekwon-Do was set, in February the program was agreed on. And then corona came and all events had to be cancelled…..

One evening Master Virginia Dionisi called me with the proposal to have an alternative for the seminar, and so the idea of having Zoom sessions was born, with some adaptations to the regular classes: the seminar would be shorter (45 minutes for the Kids Day, 2h for the Day of Taekwon-Do), the Day of Taekwon-Do would be split up in a session for the Dutch speaking part and one for the French speaking part of the country, as otherwise we would loose time in translating, and to be able to have more connections and of course the program would be adapted to smaller environments. The program consisted of warming-up, fundamental movements with the focus on kicks, sparring drills, theory: the secret training of Taekwon-Do and stretching.

It was a succes: 139 persons were subscribed, members ITF-Belgium (with even one member, Tomaz, logging in from France where he’s living for the time of the quarantine), members ITF Luxembourg and a special guest from Argentina, Agustina Correa, V° degree.

It was great to notice your motivation, and the sweaty faces.

Many thanks to the instructors: GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen, Master Virginia Dionisi, Master Annick Van Driessche, Patrick Crevecoeur, Benito Martinez, Erik Van Hoeck, Esther Meulemeester, Nico Tunyck and Omar El Ferkhani.


National Instructors Course via Zoom

Due to the restrictions for Covid-19, the National Instructors Course of May 24th was postponed to a later date this year. You will be informed on the new date soon.

As an alternative we’ll be hosting a Zoom-session of the NIC, Thursday May 21st, 10.00-12.00h. Like any regular NIC, this is open to instructors and assistant-instructors ITF-Belgium I° degree and above only.

Topics: in the first part we’ll be performing tul Hwarang, the second part is reserved to (technical) questions. Do you have any specific question? Any topic you want to discuss? Please send all of your questions May 18th latest to


Online Day of Taekwon-Do & Kids Day

Due to the restrictions for the Covid-19 pandemic we had to cancell all events, e.g. the Day of taekwon-Do and the Kids Day of May 17th in Jambes.

However, we want to offer our members an alternative….

On the same date, Sunday May 17th, ITF-Belgium will host the first online Zoom Kids Day and Zoom Day of Taekwon-Do. More information, the invitation and all details will be spread amongst the instructors asap.

Mark the date in your agenda and keep on practising Taekwon-Do in lockdown!


Seminar in Brussels

Report by Master Virginia Dionisi.

Sunday March 8th.

In Brussels we celebrated the Women’s Day doing what we love: Taekwon-Do! I was invited to conduct a seminar in patterns and three step sparring at the school Red Force, leaded by Bo Sabum Costel Grigoras. We started the seminar with a light warming up, followed by training in fundamental movements, exercises to improve side kick, balance and to develop core muscles. Afterwards we continued with some patterns (depending on the grades of the students) and technical explanations on purpose and applications of specific movements. To finalize, we analyzed together three steps sparring and the different possibilities of its execution.   

At the end of the session, I gave a short testimonial together with two of my students (Andreea Musca and Leen Walraeve) that are members of the national team. We explained when we started to practice Taekwon-Do and we showed the more important medals we have obtained at World and European competitions.  

To close the event, I talked about the importance of the different roles we may have in the club and during our martial art life.  And, Mr. Grigoras had a hidden special surprise for all ladies: he gave a red rose to everyone!

Yours in Taekwon-Do,

Master Virginia Dionisi


Sparring seminar in Hodori

Master Annick Van Driessche was invited by the instructors of Hodori in St-Lievens-Houtem, Stefan Hendrickx, Davy Van Asselt, Kevin Vlaeminck and Arnaud Verschelde, to conduct a seminar about the basics in ITF Taekwon-Do sparring. The seminar took place on Friday February 22nd, 19.30-21.30h, and was open to all members of Hodori. Participants were very motivated.

They worked especially on the way competitors move around in the ring during sparring, combined with velocity, and on the use of yop chagi in both offensive and defensive way.