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International Umpire Course & International Kids Course

IUC, Miesbach, Germany November 24th-25th

Some members ITF-Belgium will be present at the IUC. Amongst them the chairman and one of the members of the ITF-Belgium U&T Committee: Eddy Van Damme & Benito Martinez. They will bring the new information back home, to be included in the next National Umpire Courses.

IKC, Zaandam, The Netherlands, December 1st-2nd: with the participation of one ITF-Belgium black belt, Kevin De Vree.


International Instructors Course Amsterdam

The IIC in Amsterdam, November 17th-18th, with the ITF Technical Committe (GrandMaster Hecor Marano, GrandMaster Lan Ung Kim and Master Paul McPhail) counts a big number of belgian black belts under its participants: 22 members ITF-Belgium will be participating, from 7 different affiliated clubs.

Also GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen will be present, he was invited as special guest by GM Marano.


Day of Taekwon-Do

On Sunday October 21st the second ITF-Belgium Day of Taekwon-Do & Kids Day of 2018 was held in the ADEPS Sports complex in Jambes.  With 169 participants & 13 instructors a new record was set.

On the Kids Day the youngest members had classes for 1,5 hour, with Esther Meulemeester (III°degree), Nico Tunyck (III°degree) and Margaux Pollefeyt (II°degree) as instructors.

The Day of Taekwon-Do started at 10.00 and ended at 13.30, with a general warming-up and cooling-down by Tomas Chacon (II°degree). Afterward the group was divided in subgroups, depending on age and grade, with tul, hosinsul, sparring and powerbreaking & special techniques. Instructors were Master Annick Van Driessche (VII°degree), Eddy Van Damme (VI°degree), Virginia Dionisi (VI°degree), Yves Pollefeyt (VI°degree), Patrick Crevecoeur (V°degree), Bob Wigman (V°degree), Tom Van De Sijpe (IV°degree) and Wim Vermandere (IV°degree).

Meanwhile some of the black belt instructors present had an individual tul session with Grand Master Frank Vanberghen (IX°degree).

At the end of the seminar, all participants received a certificate of participation.


Master seminar in Ireland

Master Annick was invited to conduct a seminar in Skerries, Dublin (Ireland) June 16th, just as last year. In 2017 the seminar was ‘Ladies only’, this year there will be 3 different classes: the first one open to children up to 12 y, a class open to males and females from 13 y and green belt on and a last part only open to women.