2020 European Championships Taekwon-Do

The 2020 European Championships will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia April 28th-May 3rd. The belgian team will be quite big again, we’re expecting a lot of nice things of the team members. Their names are known, just as most of the disciplines for which they’re selected. On the Belgian Championships of February 16th the last details have to be decided, as in 2 disciplines/categories there’re 3 potential candidates for 2 places.

Competitors selected for the national team 2020, for individual and/or team events: Andreea Musca, Erik Van Hoeck, Esther Meulemeester, Laura Mouret, Margaux Pollefeyt, Orchana De Corte, Hans Van Lierde, Leen Walraeve, Tabitha Van Lierde, Omar El Ferkhani, Corentin Besonhé, Nicolas Taylor, Arthur Delhaye, Jens Baetselier, Juan Martinez, Yang Yang, Matteo Preys. 

Belgium will participate at several team events, besides the numerous individual disciplines: female team powerbreaking and teamtul, male team powerbreaking and sparring. 

The AETF Umpire Committee made the selection for the 2020 umpires team. Eddy Van Damme and Benito Martinez were selected to be part of the tem for these European Championships.

GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen and Master Annick Van Driessche will travel to Bratislava as officials for Belgium.

Many thanks to the sponsors, Mighty Fist and FROS.

The coaches: Master Virginia Dionisi, Erik Van Hoeck, Yves Pollefeyt, Orchana De Corte, Hans Van Lierde and Nicolas Taylor.