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European Championships 2021

La Nucia, Spain November 23rd-27th

After the cancellation of the EC 2020 the 2021 edition was postponed from April to November. Thanks to a lot of measures and precautions AETF and FEST were able to organize this year’s competition: from face masks for everyone in the hall over testing upon arrival to the exclusion of spectators… it was a bit different, but all delegations were happy there was an EC this year.

After 21 months of pandemic, the difference between countries that had faced a lockdown and severe measures and the countries that did’t have any lockdown was visible, not as such on the physical, but especially on the mental side. Also in the belgian team. Although the competitors and coaches gave all they have and performed well, there was a bit of hesitation. So no medals this year, but this doesn’t mean there’s no result. The next EC is in 6 months, in April 2022, and this year’s EC was a necessary step to take in the preparation for next year. This was only the 2nd competition in 21 months, after a preparation meanly through digital platforms.

To be short: the athletes and coaches can be proud of how they performed and put the focus now on 2022!


Online championship tul for selection national team

April 5th-17th

The national coaches organized, together with the ITF-Belgium Tournament & Umpire Committee, an online championship in tul for candidates for the national team. This will be one of the criteria, together with e.g. the online training sessions of the last couple of months, for selection for the e-World Championships (September) and the European Championships (hopefully to be organized in November).

Good luck to all participants! Many thanks to the coaches, the TUC and the umpires involved.


New coaches national team appointed

ITF-Belgium and the belgian national team have some new coaches. After sending in their candidatures, they have been appointed by the board:

  • Coach tul, teamtul, pre-arranged sparring: Master Virginia Dionisi
  • Assistant-coach tul, teamtul, pre-arranged sparring: Andreea Musca
  • Coach sparring: Erik Van Hoeck
  • Assistant-coach sparring: Nicolas Taylor
  • Assistant-coach power breaking: Hans Van Lierde

Congratulations to all of them. We’re sure they will do a great job.

Some positions are still vacant: coach and assistant-coach special techniques and coach power breaking. If you believe you could be an asset to the team, don’t hesitate to send your CV and motivational letter in within the next couple of weeks.

The coaches can start working towards the 2021 World and European Championships!