1st ITF eWorld Championships

As alternative for the ITF World Championships, postponed with 2 years, the first ITF eWorld Championships in tul, teamtul and pre-arranged free sparring for national teams will be organized September 4th-19th. The national coaches selected a team, which is practising hard at this moment in time:

  • Andreea Musca: tul IV-VI degree, pre-arranged free sparring
  • Esther Meulemeester: tul III degree
  • Amber Dellaert: tul III degree
  • Laura Mouret: tul II degree, pre-arranged free sparring
  • Juan Martinez: tul I degree
  • Maximilien Boyens: tul I degree
  • Tabitha Van Lierde: tul junior II degree, junior pre-arranged free sparring
  • Lisa Ghijsens: tul junior I degree, junior pre-arranged free sparring
  • Rune Schuddinck: tul junior I degree