Meeting TUIC

Report by Benito Martinez

The Tournament, Umpire and IT-Committee TUIC of ITF-Belgium held its last meeting of the year on Sunday December 4th. Presided by Master Eddy Van Damme and with the participation of Sabum Benito Martinez and Boosabums Sophie Ardnoy, Gabriel Garay and Julien Goulard as members.

The agenda: the evaluation of the Belgian Championships 2022 and analyzing the different feedbacks; proposals and changes for the next Championships 2023 in Ghent, in terms of professionalization and corresponding with international standards and satisfaction of the competitors. There were also discussions on inscription fees, special techniques, power breaking, sparring categories and prearranged sparring norms, among others.

We are aware of the difficulties on the implementation of the electronic system due to the international situation. NUC’s pedagogic method and the possibilities of using videos were discussed too. The TUIC keeps working to improve the quality and professionality of our competitions in the national level and its influence in the preparation of our competitors for the international level.

Some important points were set for the TUIC’s report for the Annual Meeting in January 2023.