General Assembly 2024

Sunday January 21st the instructors, committee chairs & members and the board will meet in Lokeren for the yearly General Assembly ITF-Vlaanderen eV vzw & ITF-Belgium.

Purpose of the meeting is to evaluate the past year, make plans for 2024, listen to the needs of the clubs and discuss items concerning Taekwon-Do in Belgium. On this meeting also the Board for the upcoming years will be chosen.

Tafisa World Congress

Just as in 2022 Master Annick Van Driessche is representing the International Taekwon-Do Federation during the yearly Tafisa World Congress, this time being organised in Germany, Düsseldorf November 1st-5th.

Tafisa is the organisation uniting international and national sports organisations, ngo’s, universities etc. under the motto ‘Sports for All’; ITF is one of the international member organisations.

November 1st one of the most important (for ITF) events took place, the 2nd Meeting with International Federations. It’s an ideal moment for networking, to get in contact with other sports organisations, but it’s also a forum to hear how other organisations deal with issues, to address certain common problems, to hear what new things are available etc.

During the next days there will be more possibilities to get in contact with other organisations, there will be more events like e.g. workshops and plenary sessions, and on November 3rd the Tafisa General Assembly will take place, where ITF is one of the members with voting rights.

ITF Congress Meeting & Elections

September 5th ITF had its Congress Meeting and General Assembly 2023 during the World Championships in Tampere, Finland.

Four years had passed since the previous elections for the Board, and so there were elections for the new ITF Board. After 4 years as a Board Member Master Annick Van Driessche was re-elected for a next term, but now as VicePresident, so member of the ITF Exective Committee.

GrandMaster Paul Weiler will have another term as President, With GrandMaster Clint Norman as Senior VicePresident and Master Leonardo Oros Duek as Treasurer. Master Tadeusz Loboda is appointed as Secretary-General. Elected as Members-at-Large: Master Philip Lear, Martina Lendarthova, Master Mark Banicevich, Cosmin Oprescu and Master Luis Gato-Gato.

At the Congress 57 countries were represented, with a total of 124 votes. ITF-Belgium was represented by Master Virginia Dionisi, while GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen was both representing the ARCC, as chair, and representing ITF Luxemburg with a proxy.

Feedback on the Coach Developer Course

Monday August 7th Nicolas Taylor, head coach of the national team, had an online meeting with part of the board ITF-Vlaanderen. Nicolas is following the ITF Coach Developer Course and just finished the first part, in Ireland. There are still many tasks to do, still a long way to go, but Nicolas already wanted to give feedback on the course and check on the possibilities in Belgium and the further plans.

The project looks very promising.

We will keep you updated on the next steps…..

Summer meetings board ITF-Vlaanderen

The board ITF-Vlaanderen planned 2 meetings during the summer holidays.

A first meeting was done through digital platforms on Monday July 10th. The board members discussed on wether to proceed or not with the Twizzit platform for administrative purposes, and if the planned presentation in August should be taken or not. Some questions where formulated and send to Twizzit. Depending on the answers the board will go forward with the platform or not.

A second meeting is planned for Saturday July 15th, in Lokeren. The board will work further on the already started documents of the policy plan, which should be finished by the end of 2023.