Meeting of the TUIC

Report by Benito Martinez:

On Sunday June 4th, after the Day of Taekwon-Do in Jambes, the Tournament, Umpiring and IT Committee (TUIC) hold a regular meeting. The improvement of Taekwon-Do championships and to have more and better educated umpires, are in the center of the TUIC worries and debates. How to motivate more people to become full-time umpires? Are the conditions for grading enough? Which other methods could we develop?

The discussions turn also about the implementation of the electronic system for umpiring in Belgian championships and the steps still to take in this direction. More IT umpires will be needed to face this new challenge.

The TUIC also analyzed the modalities of competition for the ‘Myosotis Challenge’ to be celebrated on September 24th and took some decisions about this; the invitation will be sent by the month of August. This will be a championship only for the disciplines that use memory like patterns, team patterns and pre-arranged sparring, and that will be as from yellow belt! The inscription fees will be donated to an association that helps families with a member affected by Alzheimer.

It was a long and productive day.