ITF-Belgium present at biggest IIC ever in Europe

The weekend of November 18th-19th 2023 took place the biggest IIC with the ITF Technical Comittee ever in Europe, with over 500 participants from 33 countries. The place to be: Vienna, Austria.

Among the participants also some instructors and members ITF-Belgium. GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen was one of the many GrandMasters present, Masters Virginia Dionisi and Annick Van Driessche 2 of the many female participants. Master Virginia was special guest of the committee, Master Annick was there as vice-president of ITF.

Coaches Andreea Musca and Wim Vermeir, and instructors and members Serkan Hasan, Sophie Ardenoy and Juan Martinez also signed in.

During the 2 days all patterns were performed, with some moments for revision, and also stepsparring, hosinsul, free sparring were part of the classes.

Many thanks to ITF Austria for the organisation of this huge event.